Monday 31 December 2018

Dennis' Top Ten Toys (TTT) 2018

1st: 1/4000 Scale SDF-1 Macross Model Kit from Macross: Do You Remember Love? - Macross always has a special place in my heart this well-built SDF-1 is one awesome trophy in my collection. 

Sharing the same spot is both these DBZ statues that are so hard to come by. Not to mention, so well sculpted, so big and heavy! I'm not making excuses to squeeze in more again for TTT 2018.

3rd: Master Grade Gunpla - Desert GM GM Sniper II White Dingo
I know it's unbecoming of me to  squeeze 3 in Gunpla. Please take it that they all fall under the category of GM to share the same spot ^_^

One of the most well made EVA model in collection. For its elegance, refine and rarity.

5th: 1/35 Scale Gasaraki - Raiden Armor + Ishtar Tactical Armor Mk-II 
A shared spot again to play homage to Gasaraki, an awesome mecha anime. A recognition of my efforts on these machines and for me to literally hand paint the pilots. 

I humming the tune of Space Battleship Yamato anime opening song when selecting this entry. This majestic model replaced my previous piece on my display. The details on the model explain it all. 

7th: 1/100 XD-01 Metal Armour Dragonar 1 Custom Resin Kit
Top notch custom built and painted resin kit sure as this don't come by very often. Very cool mecha design resembling a lot to Gundam yet unique in its own way earn a spot on TTT 2018.

8th: Transformers EVAC Toy
A sentimental moment shared with EVAC having to take Transformers 'The Ride' Universal Studio Singapore USS. Furthermore, I painted the parts chrome which is a fresh experience for me!

9th: Fumina Related Gunpla (Super Fumina + Star Winning Gundam + GM Cardigan)
Self proclaimed Fumina fan here! These 3 Gunpla have be included as they are all-in-one Fumina package. A single entity my friends!

10th: Manga Ultraman Suit FigureUltraseven Suit Version 7.2
I like the newly improved design Ultraman in manga version. They look a lot more futuristic. Besides, it's sweet to have figure roll-out together with the manga as appendix. 

Thank you for accompanying Katsuden through another year of toy collection! An overall fulfilling year for me and I hope it goes the same for you guys out there. May all of us have another even better year ahead and enjoy fandom to the max! Be the force be with us! I'm glad that I'm able to consistently generate a blog post every 3 to 4 days in 2018. I don't what's the reason that this blog has stopped receiving comment from fellow toy collector who regularly visit this blog in the past. Neverthesless, it's comforting to know that he didn't stop blogging. God blesses you pal! 


deSMOnd said...

Bro, as a blogger like us, we cannot control if we receive regular comments from readers. If people give us comments, we are definitely happy. If we do not receive any, then let it be. We do blogging because this is what we like and share. We do not blog it to please every readers. Anyway, you still doing TTT of each year. Salute!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

You are so right bro.. I blog and treat this as a toy journey & diary. Still thank you for the constant comments : )

Anonymous said...

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