Friday 12 January 2024

Voltes V Quiccs V63

If someone is to ask me which mecha best represents Philippines, I will definitely say it’s Voltes V! Its primary colors are somehow similar to Philippines flag and my upmost respect for their passion as well as the recent Voltes V live-action show. There are a lots of Voltes V inspired creations but the one that truly stole my heart is this exclusive Voltes V x Quiccs V63 released during Toycon Philippines 2022. I didn’t want to trouble my friend in Philippines but I’m glad to get it from a Filipino seller based here. Hefty price in secondary market and definitely one of the most expensive toy set in my collection. Totally worth it for these awesome Quiccs V63 in trio 3.5”, 7” & 14” made of resin. Moreover it’s an official collaboration with Voltes V, a cultural icon in the Philippines and one of the Japanese anime that the boss personally grew up with during the 80’s!

Thursday 11 January 2024

Zeon Remnants Cuties

Have cleared these Zeon remnants from display cabinet. Gonna keep these cuties somewhere… Seig Zeon! From Hello Kitty Zaku II to soft vinyl, to Chino Lam's Abalone Zaku II colorway sofubi, to B@erBrick keychains to cup!

Wednesday 10 January 2024

Tamiya Official Store at PMQ Hong Kong

Chance upon Tamiya official store at PMQ and it brought back lots of memories of playing 1/32 scale mini 4WD. Can’t help taking a pic with the statue of the ain’t so mini 4WD. I even saw kiddos playing at the mini 4WD racing track. That’s a lot of nostalgia and it’s cool that kiddos today still enjoy this hobby. The display of RC Tamiya vehicles were also awesome! The exclusive Hong Kong racing taxi was on sale and other official merchandises like apparel were also available.

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Lowfool Batman Joker’s Colorway

The Last Why or Last Ride: Fool’s Paradise, Lowfool plays Batman in Joker’s colorway. Mainly inspired by Joker in D.C Suicide Squad played by Jared Leto. For that, you could see more tattoos prints on the suit. Some parodies quotes like ‘Catch me if you can’, ‘Was this really necessary’, ‘Why not serious?’ & etc… The different prints from Snow White to peace logo, the writings in different languages like Chinese, Japanese & English all added stronger character feel to the figure! The Batmobile (Tumbler) actually comes with a kiddy ride stand however it’s damaged so I display it as it is now but I added a Funko Joker to it. Now Lowfool need not have to bother using his last coin… Head or tail? Isn’t that Two-Face?! Interestingly, this vinyl figure is also made of glow in dark GID material.

Monday 8 January 2024

Armoured Police Metal Jack Shadow

This is like a candy toy or trading figure release by Takara. It’s pretty cool mecha anime but slightly underrated Armored Police series - Armored Police Metal Jack Shadow Jack Armor. Basically, these elite Policemen transformed to bio cyber suit and further enhanced to robot armor! I feel that this toy works like Transformers Pretenders.

Saturday 6 January 2024

Bathing Ape Cafe Hong Kong

Brought Baby Milo to Bape Cafe?! He’s feeling like at home. Cool display of Bathing Ape exhibits, especially those crossover with Transformers, Star Wars & KAWS. Great service from seating allocation to serving, well-presented desserts and beverages that actually taste good. Are you a Nigo fan? What is your opinion after the franchise was sold away?  

Friday 5 January 2024

The Ark Transformers Cafe Hong Kong

I need Energons and so we had a meal at Transformers themed restaurant’The Ark’. A two-storey premium fast food restaurant with its set-up alike the interior of Autobots’ base. Of course it has display of Transformers toys and TF souvenirs on sale. The life-sized Optimus Prime with rotating head is a great spot to take pic as well. Got ourselves recharged, Autobots transform and roll out.

Thursday 4 January 2024

Monster Mansion Hong Kong - Mechnoiz BlackAce Optimus Prime colorway

Remember the fight scene in Transformers ‘Age of Extinction’ live-action movie. Here’s the site. Some areas had been cordoned off to prevent people standing on them for safety reasons and to avoid damaging the property. Try not to disturb the residents. Actually they ain’t bothered as I saw folks playing mahjong below the block. What a rare sight! Spectacular with Mechnoiz BlackAce Optimus Prime colorway as my featured toy. Autobots transform and rollout. There is a % Arabica Coffee at Monster Building Hong Kong.
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