Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Langrisser Leon Figure

It always excites me to know about new Langrisser merchandise… Of course this is my all time favourite best turn-based-strategy game after all. I first played this game on SEGA 16-Bit with the English title aka ‘War Song’. I was taken in by how the army charged & clashed. Langrisser eventually had a sequel (only in Japanese) with the same game play and offering alternate endings this time around. The games were later re-released as collector’s edition in PlayStation 1 format and I have to own it. I was fan of Langrisser Mobile as well. Such a pity, I no longer have the energy and mental focus on mobile games… Still blessed that the game finally has its own line of figurines in super deformed. I bought Leon the cavalry commander in Langrisser II by AForce… Let’s have a photo session of the figure with the game...

Quiccs Bancho TEQ63

I have finally subdued the street punk, delinquent “Bancho TEQ63”… The classic baseball ⚾️ bat with Japanese characters… That riizento (リーゼント) aka “regent” hairstyle in mecha tech Quiccs style… That high school student uniform and squad leader armband… Not forgetting the Adidas Superstar sneakers… Let that be a warning Tokyo Revengers…

Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Bubblegum Crisis - AD Police Trading Figures

Cyber enforcer is always my cup of tea! Cannon fodders from the anime 'Bubblegum Crisis' who are actually elite among the regular Police, had received its own limelight in the form OVA side story, titled ‘AD Police’ … Here are 1/15 scale AD Police fixed posed figures with different themed weaponry to protect Mega Tokyo…Appreciate the fine details like armour plating & breathing tubes. The paint job to the figures also remarkable especially on those side arms. The trading figures set is made by Yamato and due to its rarity, the pricing of these figures soared pretty high. I always wanted it and I finally decided to burn my wallet for it. 

Fool's Paradise - LowFool Gundam


That’s my favourite futuristic NFL quarterback! Fool’s Paradise is organizing the Steel of League and Lowfool has put on his new Gundam RX-78-2 inspired armor T01-GD… The backpack even adopted GP-01Fb style balancer, IMHO… There are also small details like caution signs and F insignia. Awesome paint works plus additional shading especially the ones along the panel lines on those shoulder armours. Highly anticipated for this big dude and the actual toy didn’t not let down any bit! Top notch  designer toy and I am very impressed upon unboxing! This is what we pay good money for ^_^

Matador Air Jordan Robot

My love for Air Jordan 1 made me settled for this robot inspired by the 1985 sneaker sensation. Matador powered by Sneaker Drive is mecha designed by Ge Chu. This designer toy is manufactured by Devil Toys. An awesome tribute to the original Air Jordan 1 with the basic colors (red, white & black), its AJ1 logo, the tick (that resemble Nike) as well as the chest shaped like the shoe tip. The mecha robot is even wearing its favourite sneaker. Take flight my boy!

Gundam - Morinaga Choco Balls

Which is your first Gundam model kit? My journey started with those choco balls snack by Morinaga with mini Gundam kits. Certainly my childhood memories as my father used to buy me a box on family outings to Japanese supermarket. They were like 100 yen each and cost $1.50 SGD back then at most Japanese supermarket such as Yaohan. I recently got this book from a respectable Carouseller who shared pics of his awesome collection during our communication. This book and mini gunpla meant a lot to me ^_^

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Katsuden's Castle White

The Katsuden's clan had moved into the new Castle White for more than 2 months. It's about time to share some pics of the interior as well as toys display. New environment with fresh vides. Love the unblocked window views and have been enjoying those awesome scenic sunset moments.

As you can see, here's a new toy display showcase. Apologies, as it still can't fit in all my toys for display and all empty boxes were practically thrown away. Castle White was also tailored made with maximum storage such as platform cabinet that could even fit in a ninja. Toys were also strategically placed at different corners, even in the toilet. Lol ^_^

Most memorable parts were moving all the toys over bit by bit ... day by day ... An estimated number of more than 100 trips without personal transport. Just feeling blessed that the overall moving-in experience was smooth with only minor hiccups. Not forgetting to thank our innovation contractor '99 PERCENT', my parents for support and friends who had showered us with amazing gifts.   
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