Friday 30 November 2018

1/4000 Scale SDF-1 Macross Model Kit from Macross: Do You Remember Love? (Built & Painted)

Hasegawa's release of the SDF-1 Macross from the "Do You Remember Love?" movie in 2015 to mark the first time this iconic ship has been released in plastic kit form! The Super Dimension Fortress Macross in 1/4000 scale. It doesn't transform to humanoid form, but still incredible!Fantastic kit, built up into a beautiful model! 

Hasegawa manages to get the look and proportions of SDF-1 very nicely. Full length: approximately 28 cm. Height: approx 14 cm (when display on stand base). The kit is a fortress type that is a cruise form SDF-1 Macross that appeared to Macross: Do You Remember Love? This is the version of the SDF-1 from "Do You Remember Love" and not the iteration from Robotech. Armed 01 on both side of the ship, it will be the model of the theater version specification that combines the Armed 02 (without Prometheus and Daedalus). 

This massive ship have been much sought after by both Robotech and Macross fans throughout the world for what seems like an eternity. I happened to chance upon this built and painted finished kit on Carousell! Why would I not grab it! I love he fine penal lines and shading done to the kit. Those small orange markings sure stands out. 


LEon said...

The detail is good!

deSMOnd said...

Yes, I agree with Leon :P

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