Thursday 5 March 2020

Gundam F91 - 1/100 Scale Guntank R-44 (Built & Painted)

The oil-paint looking artwork on the box is absolutely nostalgia

It is transformable - Robot and tank mode

Screenshot of Guntank R-44 on Gundam F91 OVA

Honestly, the functionalities of Guntank R-44 belongs to the museum by Gundam timeline U.C100, nevertheless the mecha design never age. I got this kit during my Tokyo Otaku Trip years back and I'm proud to built and painted it. Guntank R-44 takes the colour scheme (white, blue and yellow) of the original Gundam and design reminisce of the first Guntank (tank tracks) and Guncannon (shoulder cannons). The head sculpt is  clearly inspired by the GM Type C.

The oil-paint looking artwork on the box is absolutely nostalgia. It's the simple things in older Gundam series that I love (not too fancy). For a Gunpla scaled in 1/100, the finished product is absolutely petite standing at approximately 15cm. Not to mention, a lot of the height is contributed by those long shoulder cannons. 

The built kit looks a bit bulky in reality however Guntank R-44 stays true to its transform capability. I'm impressed for a Gunpla that's not even HG (High Grade). I apologised for not transforming it to tank form in fear of scratching the paint. Just feel that Gunpla is not suitable for rough playing and transforming. 


deSMOnd said...

The figure still looks in good condition and brand new after all.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yeah! I’m quite pleased with working on this kit. I like the design of this kit too.

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