Monday 18 March 2019

Keroro Gunsou - Hinata Natsumi (Keroro Box Figuration Powered Armor Suit) + Keroro Gunso Full Color SD Figure Collection

Comes with a poster with narration and specs...

Special edition box set includes Keroro Gunsou manga vol. 10 released in Feb 2005

Even the box cover mimic Gundam Fix Figuration

Nice fine details on the figure

Paint works not exactly perfect with unevenness and overrun 

Keroro Gunso Full Color SD Figure Collection

There is a model kit on Keroro Gunso however I'm happy with the Gashapon

Extra parts so Hinata Natsumi can change into swimsuit version!

Keroro Gunso started out as a manga series by Mine Yoshizaki and features the Keroro platoon of frog-like aliens with plans to take over Earth but ultimately captive to the Hinata family household. Although aimed at an early teens audience, it often parodied anime very much like "Lucky Star" especially Gundam. Keroro Gunso was later adapted as an anime series but the target audience was moved to a slightly younger audience, thus taking the cheeky edge of Mine Yoshizaki’s original work. 

Natsumi Hinata (日向 夏美 Hinata Natsumi) is a protagonist in the series Keroro Gunso. She is the sister of Fuyuki Hinata. In episode 320 the Keroro Platoon used a special version where they controlled human robots as part of an invasion plan involving Natsumi Hinata. This gave birth to Keroro Box Figuration Powered Armor Suit released by MegaHouse Kadokawa. Special edition box set includes Keroro Gunsou manga vol. 10 released in Feb 2005. Designed by Yoshizaki Mine, Natsumi's appearances after being armoured with KLL-00723-GT, the suit mainly composed of her school swimsuit with additional armours that based on Gundam Mobile Suits. I think she deserved the honourable title of 1st Gundam Girl?! 

On the side line I have also added the adorable Sgt Frog Keroro Gunso Full Color SD Figure Collection Keroro Gunsou (ケロロ軍曹) 2.5cm gashaphon figure by Bandai. I chose this piece because Keroro is holding Gundam lookalike shield and bazooka! This complete my memoir collection of Keroro Gunsou.


deSMOnd said...

The paint work is not very good..especially you look at them closely..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It’s a budget figure and I bought it as a fan of Keroro. Just need to have it regardless the quality.

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