Tuesday 16 June 2009

Dragon Knight 4 ~ PS One

Front view of game

Back view of game

Content - Mint condition with spine, instruction manual & picture booklet

Brought this PS One game of Dragon Knight 4 shortly after watching the anime. I enjoy the game a lot cos it's a turn-based strategy game whereby the unit moves in column. When two units collid, a battle layout screen will appear. The gameplay is very much like Langrisser.

The game follow closely to the anime but don't be fooled by the cute appearance of the game. It really cracks my head trying to finish off the enemies given only limited turns in every senarios. Sad to say that I'm unable to complete the game. I only managed to play three quarter of the game : (

Dragon Knight 4 PS opening...


mike said...

Hi Dennis

My name is Mike, and I've been looking for this game for the past year. Is it alright if I could duplicate the game from you?

I can go Bukit Panjang and find you.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Sorry to disappoint you as I have sold away the game some time back to an overseas buyer.

Ruben Su said...

Top info!

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