Tuesday, 19 August 2008

MSIA Gundam EZ-8

Gundam EZ-8 is a modification of RX-78 (Ground-type). The EZ-8 came about when RX-78 (Ground type) sustained serious damages in battle and due to shortage of original Gundam parts, material were savaged from other MS for repair. Prior to these, the outlook of EZ-8 came rather unique. It also shows why Shiro Amada changed from piloting Gundam Ground-type to EZ-8 after his Gundam Ground-type got seriously damaged durng the battle with Apsalus I. I love the appearance of EZ-8 and had bought 2 sets of MSIA. One to play with and another kept MISB. The bonus that comes with this box is the support overtrick.


Ngee Khiong said...

Ez8 isn't a favorite Gundam on my list because it has no V-fin XD

But the battle between him and Gouf Custom is super-awesome. And a very sad ending as well.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I like the in between of RGM & Gundam. Gundam 08th team anime shows a realistic warfare mode.

Based on the OVA, both Shiro and Aina survived and stayed in a secluded location with their child.

Akiba said...

hi do you build gundams? or only buy MSIA

i'm building gundams / mobile suite

i like the 08th ms team gundams but my love is bigger for cyclops like de rick - dom of zaku's / sometimes a gundam like de strike gundam of Hi - V gundam

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