Monday 2 December 2019

Anime Festival Asia AFA 2019

What's Up! What's Up! Wasabi! Katsuden was at AFA Singapore 2019 on the AFA's first day and look who am I with? It's Desmond from Desmond's Toys Collection. He wanted a more Japanese nickname and I gave him 'Neo Desuki'. My OOTD this AFA is related to Zeon's Red Comet...

Definitely my first time at AFA, heading straight to the food alley upon entering! Desmond was hungry and I don't want to make him an angry man. Lolz... We tried a variety of Japanese food from yakiniku rice, curry rice, karaage to char beef truffle soba. I love the way, how Sin幅 chef prepared our char beef truffle soba! "Itadakimasu"

These are Bandai's event exclusive for AFA 2019

Looks like Bandai is keeping their other western franchises for SGCC 2019 and focusing on Japanese products this AFA. Bandai did it again with this big RX-78-2 Gundam at the entrance, symbolizing Bandai's leading role at AFA.

In honour of Gundam 40th Anniversary comes Gundam G40 tributes to the original Gundam

Touch, try and feel Barbatos action figure for the first time

This awkward pose of G-Frame Gundam G-Cannon sure caught my attention.

I will be looking forward to these Sakura War mecha model kit. The cockpit opens up to reveal the pilot give it more reason to get this. 

It's sculpting competition like this that brings out the best in Banpresto!

Can you believe this is a model kit? Kudos to Bandai!

Mr Cosplayer is trying my favourite 'SD Gundam G Generation' on PS4.

AFA has games, cosplayer interviews/stage performance and dance tutorial to entertain all the peeps out there.

You have been warned: The Daisenko Blade that is essential for AFA Anisong?! Omoshiroi ...

A look at Kotobukiya new line of statues

Lots of loose idol figures at sale booths. You otakus will be spoilt for choice

Dragon Ball fans also spoilt for choice ^_^

Saekano is back at AFA again with its movie and this anime certainly melt my heart...

It's always a struggle to move around the artists alley

So lucky to pose with Hero Seajetter Kaito 

Here's my loot! Goblin Slayer figure from Goodsmile and Banpresto Super Saiyan Bardock figure


deSMOnd said...

Bro, thank you for giving me such a wonderful Japanese nick name. Nice!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank for accompanying me too. If not I will feel odd at the event. Cya you at SGCC!

Yami said...

i visited AFASG too last friday and it was more crowded than i expected

Bandai's Koubus does interest me as well but the size is smaller than I expected

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Seems like Bandai is reserving its ammo for SGCC so this time around they only showcase certain Japanese stuffs. AFA is for the young at heart and the crowd reflects the increasing popularity of anime.

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