Thursday 28 November 2019

Trigun Nicholas D. Wolfwood Kaiyodo Figure

My exposure to Trigun is little, just some action clips that I come across on YouTube. This figure is courteous of Stanley and I appreciate it as this is toy that I can feature and to keep my blog going. I may not be keeping the figure as part of my collection but I will definitely find someone who value this figure more than I do. 

Nicholas D. Wolfwood dressed up like a man of the faith but don't quite the prim and proper type when portrait in the anime. He is a priest who carries a life-sized cross-shaped weapon a.k.a the Punisher. Fear it as it will judge and execute sinners with its machine gun and bazooka. You better believe it!  

This is an earlier release by Kaiyodo before Revoltech evolution. I believed it's more of statue-like action figure since the articulations are limited to a few poses however it looks super awesome you get him into Nicholas D. Wolfwood iconic poses. 

The figure is of good size with impressive details for its time and great value for the astounding number of accessories. Many optional hands from gun gripping to holding his cigarette. There are also optional heads with and without his shades. It even comes with a diorama with more of his accessories scattered around. The Punisher has a gimmick like revealing the machine gun but not the bazooka. 


deSMOnd said...

Trigun's original creator is Yasuhiro Nightow who is also designed my favorite video game "Gungrave". No wonder this character's style and weapon are very similar to the main lead "Brandon" in Gungrave. I also owe the Brandon action figure by Kaiyodo.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yes, I have seen your review on Brandon and yeah they share very similar styles and attributes. You are the person in mind for me to pass the figure to.

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