Friday 5 April 2019

Super Robot Taisen OG 1/10 Scale Seolla Schweitzer Figure + Wildfalken (Kotobukiya)

I'm doing a combination of Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 1/10 Scale pre-painted PVC bishoujo figure as well as + Wildfalken. Both by Kotobukiya. Super Robot Taisen Original Generation is a famous video game and anime series featuring non-stop Robot vs Robot combat!

Seolla is one of the first Tsundere girls in anime/game history. She pilots the Wild Falken and is joined by close friend and love interest, Arado Balanga and his Wild Wurger. With an expression that borders on anger, Seolla is someone you cannot really read. Like all Tsudere girls, she might just be using anger to mask her embarrassment and the figure makers presented this character complexity perfectly through crafting her face and posture delicately. Cute classic pose with cute face and short skirt. The figure looks close to the character and the level of details ( from clothes to the hair )are impressive. 

S.R.G-S-005 PTX-016R Wildfalken is a Personal Trooper "PT" expert in aerial long range combat. The mecha design is sleek and appealing. Bears a strong resemblence to Gundam. Released by Kotobukiya in 2005 is the 1/144 scale, approximately 6 inches tall, comes with "Oxtongue Rifle" and "Roshe Saber" as melee weapon. Assembly of the figures is required, but painting is optional as the pieces are cast in different coloured plastic. Each mecha normally has over 300 individual parts and is marvelously engineered, as once the kits are completed, they are highly poseable action figures (usually with at least 20 points of articulation). In addition, each robot includes weapons and additional moving parts, such as opening ventilation or exhaust ports. The model itself is high-quality and intricate, a pleasure to build. I have fully painted this kit and gotten a custom stand to combine with the figure.


deSMOnd said...

Wah bro, you really put lots of efforts on your beloved figures..a great collector and fan!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thanx bro! I really like this unit and feels great upon project completion. Gal & Mecha is the perfect equation. Lolz

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