Friday 26 April 2019

MG 1/100 Scale RGM-89 Jegan (Built and Painted)

Art work on box

Photo effect added to rifle and visor

Got myself a built and painted Gunpla kit

The shield is equipped with twin missile launchers. 

Londo Bell Emblem on left shoulder

Openable pilot hatch

The side armor functions as a rack for both the beam saber and ....

hand grenades. 

Posing with 1/100 MG RGZ-91- Re-GZ (Char's Counterattack)

Jegan was an MS deployed by the Earth Federation Forces since the beginning of the UC, 0090s. It can be inferred that the mass-produced mobile suit, Jegan comes from the lineage of the GM due to its “RGM” model number, but its development system was very different from those of the past. 

Most previous RGM series were developed by the Earth Federation Forces, but the Jegan was produced and supplied by Anaheim Electronic Co. By changing their development systems, the Earth Federation Forces expertise of the GM series and AE's MS development technologies were mixed to create the Jegan, which had advanced operability and versatility. Titanium alloy ceramic composite materials were used instead of Gundarium ally, improved productivity. 

All of this resulted in the Jegan to fufill its role as the 'next generation standard MS’ for a long period of time, across several Gundam anime franchises from ‘Char Counterattack’, ‘Unicorn Gundam’ and right up to ‘Gundam F91’. During the “Second Neo Zeon War”, Jegans assigned to the Londo Bell unit operated as the main force of the unit. They fought through numerous fierce battles and also worked to prevent Axis from falling to earth. 

The main force MS adopted by the Earth Federation Forces in U.C. 0089. Technologies nurtured through past main force Mobile Suits have been put to use and the thrusters on the backpack and articulated vernier arms gave the MS acceleration performance that could match high mobility type machines. 

Let's see how Jegan fair as a Gunpla?

Mechanism Shoulders - The shoulder armor is divided into the front, back, and center section. The center section is especially unique being enlarged to fit the thrusters. The front and back sections are also included with verniers for attitude control. 

Head - In addition to a fixed main camera, a long-range sensor is installed onto the forehead of the head unit. A Vulcan pod system is also equipped on the left side of the head unit. 

Thrusters - A thruster is located on both the left and right calf. The front armor on the waist has been omitted to maintain a range of articulation. 

Side armour aka skirtings - functions as a rack for both the beam saber and hand grenades. Between Jegan is without front skirting therefore some might the unconventional design somehow awkward. 

Backpack - Equipped with a main thruster and two small thrusters on the bottom, as well as articulated vernier arms on the top. These allow for its thrust that could match high mobility Mobile Suits from the Gryps War era. The backpacks include exchangeable propellant tanks. 

Armaments - Minimum and down right basic with beam saber and hand grenades are stored in the side armours. The shield is equipped with twin missile launchers. The beam rifle has removable magazine.


deSMOnd said...

The overall figure looks clean and new even though it was painted.

Yami said...

I got the opportunity to assemble one last year and i do actually like the mecha design, it is just that Jegan's color scheme rather irks me off.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I think harder to paint kit in neat than battle damaged.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Without the skirting, Jegan is very posable and I know the colour can be a turn off but I love as time goes by..

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