Saturday 31 January 2015

Dennis' Top Ten Toys (TTT) 2014

A recap of last year's personal favourite...

1st - Customized MG FA GM
Whoever knows me would know that I'm a diehard GM fan! My personal favourite for the reasons that its customized by me and it's cool to see this grunt unit with all these armour plating. 

2nd - Generations Leader Class Jetfire
I'm always a big fan of Jetfire and Macross! This version of Jetfire come very close to the G1 Jetfire as VF-1S. The mask on was awesome, the size, the transformation and gadget truly inspired

3rd - Ys Adol Christine Trading Figure
It had been a long long search for this and really triumphed to finally obtained this wish-list-figure.  

4th - Valkyrie Profile Aluze Arngrim Trading Arts Figure
Like Ys Adol, Aluze was also hard to obtain. Also for the reason its well sculpt and posed. Don't we all like guys with big sword...

5th - Walkure Romanze Celia Bishoujo
Mesmerized by he beauty of Celia and love the balance of valient and gorgeous this bishoujo provided the plus points

6th - Tohka Yatogami Taito Figure
Budget prized figure of great quality and sculpt. The anime and innocence of the character had big influence on this inductee
For my strong affection for visor type mecha. Good weight and feel due to the metal parts and fun factors like hangar, gimmicks and interchangeable accessories. 

8th - Souten Kouro Lu Bu Figure
Crazily strong and mightiest... Secret figure among the trading figures set. An alternate image of Lu Bu

9th - Accel World Black Lotus Figure-rise 6 Model Kit
Unique design of mecha in an elegant way. Like the anime, you would like princess snow black and her virtual projection

10th - Shurato Ten-ō Hyūga 天王ヒュウガ Model Kit
A really rare model kit and this hot-blooded anime gave me lotz of fond memories during the secondary school days

I glad that I made a strong return to blogging after letting go my stubbornness to handphone gaming. I see quite a change in me this year and I began to appreciate my love ones and friends around more. Two things impacted me a ton this year and they were mainly the demises of my dear mother-in-law, who treated me like her own son and colleague, Mdm Josephine, who assisted me and guided me since my rookie days at my new workplace. I kind of view life differently and devoted more time to both my family and health hobbies. To be better than yesterday enjoyed what we have now...


deSMOnd said...

Good to see you continue to post the top ten of the year :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Thought it might be a pity not to look back. Did it with a heavy heart though. It's a late on TTT this time round.

chrismandesign said...

i must say that a TTT is a great effort in terms of the preparation of the respective review and specially the selection of the 10 top collectibles so, all my respect for those like you pal, who take the time to summarize a whole year of collecting in 10 bits !!!...

as for me, i made a kinda arbitrary decision, but also very thoughtful: i will not make more TTTs, since i consider every single one item in my collection as worthy of my esteem... maybe i change my mind later, but that’s what i think right now...

on the other hand, glad to know that some hard times, somehow "forced" you to ponder on what really matter in your life... as hard as it sounds, you don’t know what you got ’till is gone so, you better show your love for the people who care about you and enjoy their presence and support in your life, while GOD allows you !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chrismandesign
After the major cameback to blogging last 2014, I did blog about more toys and it definitely had a toughen time selecting my TTT from a bigger pool of toys. I was hoping to do a 'Top Twenty Toys' TTT instead ^_^

Awesome to know that every collection as worthy of your esteem. You are such a good philosopher, my admiration on that and thank you for the advise.

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