Friday 16 January 2015

CMS Macross Collection Max Pilot Suit Figure

Maximilian Jenius (Macross) or Max Sterling for those who follow Robotech. Genius pilot of Skull Squadron is a ultra sought for figure of CMS Macross Character Figure Volume 3, super rare figure of Max, fixed pose figure in his flight suit, came with his white/blue pilot helmet. Roy Fokker is still quite easy to get but the Hikaru and Max are extremely hard to find and if you do find one, it's usually come with a wobbly collector's price. The sculpt is dapper and highly detail paint job by CMS. The legs are in a fixed pose however there are some addition parts to the face and arms for alternative poses, holding onto the helmet on his hand or without the helmet. 

Max' head can also be removed with optional parts to either having the face shown or with his helmet donned. The visor was nicely made so you could still the facial of Max even with the helmet on. The design of the flight/space suit is the movie version 'Do You Remember Love', which I especially like the helmet as well as the jet back. Trading Figure (Japanese blind-box figure) released in May 2009. Each figure stands approximately 4.7" (11 cm) in height, came complete with base and stand.


chrismandesign said...

certainly a surprising old trading figure from a time when CM’s was heavily involved into produce high quality collectibles based on the most recognized anime series... i think they made great action figures, trading figures and quite accurate diecast models that i love... i have heard that CM’s Corporation has been filed for bankruptcy, which are really bad news for the hobby and for collectors... =/////

they know how to make desirable figures like this one you’re publishing, it has even valuable extras for exhibition !!!... i’m still looking for some items of this brand and time will say if i will get them for my collection... =)

deSMOnd said...

Bro, have you complete this series?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

CM's was really aggressive with the released of many old mecha toys with released of even 'Galient' and 'Mospeada'. Very impressive and tailing Yamato. Its unexpected that both these companies were be able to sustain their businesses. Seems like we are now very much depend on Bandai, Takara and Kotobukiya these days. A bit of Hasegawa and VOLKS Inc.

CM's sure paid lotz of attention to the accent of the mecha figures they manufacture and even for trading figure. I'm glad to have this as part of my collection ^_^

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
I didn't go for all but selectively collect the pilots figures to compliment their valkyries.

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