Monday 9 September 2013

News on Gunpla Expo Singapore 2013

Just received news of  Gunpla Expo Singapore 2013. It will be happening from 21st - 29th September at same venue as last year @ NEX level one atrium. Do visit or Club Gunpla Facebook for more information about the event. Can also follow my friend's blog - 'Open The Toy', who will also be covering the event.   


LEon said...

Hi Dennis

Thanks for your promotion to my blog. LOL

deSMOnd said...

Not going..haha..

bluedrakon said...

Dang-it, can't go as too far away - LOL.

I did manage to get the Gundam Unicorn 1-3 Blurays. Me and my son did a marathon and watched them back to back. I also will be getting him the Destroyer Gunpla kit for xmas. I want to get it now, but he has other kits to build :^)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> LEon
My pleasure bro and I should see u at the event.

>> deSMOnd
I know it's not your cup of tea. No worries bro...

>> bluedrakon
New Gundam anime for new poison. Lol.. I lost count of my backlog kits.. Lol..

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