Wednesday 16 December 2009

The Storm Riders 2 Action Movie

I have put aside the negative comments I received about this movie and see it for myself since I have already watched the first movie ten years ago. First of all, I think that the director had picked the right casts for the movie. Aaron Kwok is back as Cloud with better hairdo, charming Ekin is still Wind and finally Kenny Ho who is undoubtedly the perfect candidate as Nameless. Kenny has left a deep impression in me when he acted in '中華英雄'. It also delights me to see my idol 'Charlene Choi' casted as Second Dream.

Next on the costume! This time round, Cloud looks more cool with the extra armour plate (very knight fantasy look). The armour suit donned by Jue Wu Shen aka Godless looks fierce and strong too! But I feel that Nameless would look better if his costume was made more oriental looking.

Now on the special effect! In my opinion, the CG of this movie is quite nicely done to give a cinematic effect on big screen. It has some resemblance to Frank Miller's '300', comic style graphic, especially the part when Jue Xin, played by Nicholas Tse started the invasion. Somehow, it may be misunderstood that it's copying '300' and the CG was used to compensate the lack of budget in movie making.

If you have watched 'Storm Riders 2', you will realise that there ain't many dialogues and the scenes jumped a little too fast which would have filled audience with much ???? as especially if you don't really follow the comic. It didn't explained the relationship between Wind & Second Dream.

Maybe the majority have set their expectation too high for this movie given the part one's huge success. I agree that the second movie could have been done better but it's definitely not a lousy one. The storyline continuation of 'Storm Riders 2' would be closely tie to the animation movie Storm Riders (Clash of Evils).


chubbybots said...

I did catch both the anime version 'Clash of evils' and the movie part 2. Based on the success of part 1 expectations are really high for part 2. I was really looking forward to this show.

I love the effects and fight scenes! I know some hated the slow mo effect but I really love how it adds to the raw power feeling :) Kind of like watching a live comic playing out ^^ But I wish they could have a better story flow and script. In fact I find the clash of evils much better.

LEon said...

Thanks for the review. I guess I would wait for the DVD release. :)

deSMOnd said...

Dennis, I still love the action and visual effects of those martial arts attacks even though the plot is weak. It's definitely not a great movie but an entertaining one to me. My rating is still 3/5 as I know the Pangs has put so much efforts on their visual effects and spectacular background..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chubbybots
Yes, I'm very glad that is movies and series of Storm Riders to cater its fans out there. I like 'Clash of Evils'a lot too. Will watch the dvd some time soon again.

>> LEon
I will want to get the dvd too!

>> deSMond
I appreciate the movie and the effort put in by Pangs. They really are doing these for the fans. I will continue my support by getting the dvd.

chrismandesign said...

i didn’t hav been watchin’ movies (on theater) since a long time ago... but d ones i saw (this one is not included) are not real action but animation movies & i must say i like more animation than real action movs... specially cult classic anime movs like ghost in the shell (yup myb too classic...) but the fantasy involved not only in d backgrounds & characters design, but in d story, r simply astonishing... & i prefer futuristic stories than medieval stories...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Both futuristic setting involving mechs or medieval setting with knights & dynamic battle scenes interest me. Chinese kungfu movies with special powers are fascinating too! Hee! Hee!

chrismandesign said...

kajkajkakjkajkajkajkaj... Kung-Fu movs, OFC, they r fantastic too... i called’em "Ching-Chung-Chang Movies" LOL (probably it makes nonsense 4 u...) the fights in them r perfect choreograpies and i must say they r probably d origin of actual action sequences in movs... absolutely in agreement wit u XDDDDDDD

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chris
Ha! Ha! the sound of the sword fight. Nice one there!

>> JanuskieZ
Well! I will take a look there. Thank you for the invitation.

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