Thursday 2 April 2009

Macross Chronicles 17

Front cover of Macross Chronicles issue 17

Poster size VF-17 Kai

More pics of VF-17 Kai

How a YF-19 transform...

Continue to how a YF-19 transform...

Submarine featured in Macross Zero ~Averstedt

Averstedt can accomodate valkyries

Ray Lovelock

Ray Lovelock is the civilian pilot of VF-17 Kai

Veffidas Feaze

Veffidas Feaze is Zentradi

She's drummer for the band Fire Bomber

Lord Feff

I like his knight alike armour

Sheryl Nome

Macross Frontier High School

Bandai DX 1/60 VF-25 valkyries

Transformation of Bandai DX 1/60 VF-25 valkyries

Bandai DX 1/60 RVF-25 Luca Custom

I just these ~ No time to open and play...

Exclusive Yamato 1/48 scale Kakizaki

Complete your 1/48 Skull Squadron now!

I find this issue really good cos it has article on Bandai DX 1/60 VF-25 valkyries plus its tranformation. I still desperately looking for the super parts of VF-25A and VF-25S which were limited exclusive items that can only be ordered from Tamashii Web Shop. Sadly, the web shop is in Japanese and they only cater domestically. Just saw the pair of super parts on Evil Bay selling @ USD $350/- (plus shipping). It really an emotional struggle and I hope I don't do anything rash like buying them.

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