Thursday, 8 January 2009

Kill Bill DVD boxset

Kill Bill 1&2 boxset ~ Front view of DVD casing

Kill Bill 1&2 boxset ~ Back view of DVD casing

I always have the impression that Kill Bill was a comedy before watching it. With curiosity when I saw the region 2 DVD Japanese boxset at Mr K's house during my last visit, I borrowed it. I think Mr K's really likes the movie cos he even collect the movie in Blue Ray format.

Personally, I enjoyed the first movie especially the concept of flashback storytelling, retro setting, blood splashing fighting scene and not forgetting the hot chicks. But I was kind of disappointed with the second movie as the story kind of slowed down with hardly any fight scenes during the first quarter. Bill being the final target was too easily defeated. I give the first movie a scale of 4/5 and the second movie 2.5/5.

Kill Bill trailer...

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