Thursday, 13 November 2008

Macross Chronicle 7

Cover Page

Super valkyrie

Sketches of super valkyrie

Sketches of YF-21

More sketches of YF-21

Civilian space carrier in Macross 7

Lead cast Hikaru Ichijo

Civilian Hikaru Ichijo

Officer Hikaru Ichijo

Pilot Hikaru Ichijo

Lucy Macmillan from Macross Plus

Different expressions of Lucy Macmillan

Lynn Minmay

Goods sheet for this issue

Yamato 1/72 Macross Plus valkyries

Valkyries of Super Nova project

Too bad I gave up collecting these valkyries

I kept going to Falcon's Hangar every time to collect Macross Chronicle, till I know the counter staff who's name is 'Cliff' (I hope I got his name spell out correctly). He has good customer service and he even made an effort to remember my name. Makes me feel important. Ha! Ha!

Anyway, Macross Chronicle Volume 7 is quite value for money since a lot of valkyries and lead Macross cast like Hikaru were featured. The magazine also featured the first wave of Macross toys by Yamato, begining from 1/72 Macross Plus YF-19.


jeroprime said...

Nice book, been away for almost 2 weeks and didn't online. I saw KL alreadgy got Macross Chronicle vol 8, around RM30 per copy. How much u get it in SG?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It's about the same price range. Selling at S$12/- per magazine here. Yen currency has gone up.

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