Thursday 27 November 2008

Last Part of AFA 2008

Entire squad of Mospeada cyclone bike by CMS

A glimpse of CMS Patlabor prototype Ingrams

Yamato Votom Scopedog, red shoulder

Yamato Votom Scopedog

To be launched CMS Tetsukyojin/ Galient

Prototype CMS Tetsukyojin/ Galient

Awesome 15" Dygenguar

You will not miss it big buddy !

Took a pic with Cosplay Exia before leaving

I had also took some pics on mech toys that I'm interested in. I'm looking forward to preordering CMS Patlabor prototype Ingrams. Sadly, I didn't return to AFA the next day (Sunday) even though I bought the ticket entrance for both days. I was just too tired after working nite shift and visiting CSC in the early afternoon. That's all for my report on Anime Festival Asia AFA 2008! Looking forward to more of such events!

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