Friday 28 November 2008

Goodies from AFA 2008

Sangokuden paper bag side A

Sangokuden paper bag side B

Sangokuden catalog

Sangokuden A4 side poster

Gunpla A4 size poster

Sangokuden BB soldier trooper

Sangokuden BB soldier trooper ~ Blue

Sangokuden Zhou Cang Dovan Wolf badge

AFA 2008 ticket and phamplet ~ got lucky 4D combination

Here's the goodies I got at Anime Festival Asia. Actually it is nothing much. My money was ended up treating my family to lunch @ Kenny Rogers.


jeroprime said...

Nice bag! All the Sangokuden BB soldier trooper is included inside the bag? Anyway can i know your email or msn address, so that we can chat. :-)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

There is only one soldier trooper in the goodie bag. My email address is I don't have msn or should I say I am a msn idiot. Ha! Ha!

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