Monday, 22 September 2008

Mr K's Ace Fighters

Correct me if I'm wrong? This is Yamato 1/60 Max VF-1J T.V version

Mr K has two of these lovely Yamato 1/60 Super Ostriches. Cool double seated, I think that Minmay sitting behind Lt Hikaru Ichijo

Elintseeker: You can't escape from the radar detection

Twin Bandai reissed 1/55 VF-1S Roy Fockker super valkyrie ~ Always my favourite

Bandai reissed 1/55 VF-1A DYRL Hikaru Ichijo

Don't they look like F16 Tomcats? There are the Aces from Mr K's Macross valkyrie collection. The valkyrie also look outstanding in fighter mode. Mr K could perhaps get the Macross valkyrie display stand so as to ideally to show off the fighters. Ha! Ha!

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