Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Gundam Endless Waltz DVD


I'm watching this Movie OVA for the second time and still intrigued me. Some might say that Bandai used this Movie OVA to sell more Gunpla, but it's an undeniable fact that these redesigned Gundams  in 'Endless Waltz' were awesome and probably better looking than the originals from 'Gundam Wing' TV series. Unlike other OVA or movies that repeated reused scenes from the TV series and retelling the story, 'Endless Waltz' is continuation based on AC 196, a year after the colony wars. This Movie OVA, once again reminded mankind that peace is hard to achieve, however peace is even tougher to maintain. The movie filled up some missing links to the TV series, tell more about the young pilots' background, further re-enforce the truth of 'Operation Meteor' and the haunting of Treize Foundation. Personally, I like this wrap up to 'Gundam Wing', much delight to see once-lost-faith Zechs Merquise returned as codename: Wind, in Tallgeese III. New cool mass-produced mecha like Serpent Cusom was also introduced. Personally, I feel that there should be more scenes between Heero Yuy & Relena Peacecraft as the reunion seems rather short-lived.


chrismandesign said...

i think i have watched this OVA at the beginning of this year or at the end of the last year & i really liked... indeed is the only one i have from Gundam & OFC is not the original DVD, but i’m planning to get the whole collection of Gundam series (not original as it’s not available at a reasonable price)... the mecha design is a bit old-fashioned but the Wing Gundam is just fabulous, also i agree that the Serpent Custom is a great design (both of us have this HG kit HEHEHE)... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I got this dvd from Ebay and shipped from States. I believed it would be cheaper in postage to your country. As it's an old anime, the price should have been lowered. If I'm not wrong, Wing Zero Custom is most well received in this OVA. I personally go for Tallgeese. I have the 1/144 & 1/100 Serpent but intent to keep only the 1/100 scale as size matters.

bluedrakon said...

I think this should be one in your collection for any Gundam fan. It is short as you noted, but some great fighting in it.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Agreed. One not to be missed for any Gundam fans. The pace of the anime was set right with sufficient fighting scenes.

Darkcross said...

Oh yeah here's a you tube link for those who wanna hear the 2 different versions of the songs.

Last Impression,

White Reflection,

Enjoy and hope you all like it =)

Darkcross said...
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Darkcross said...

Hi Dennis,

Victor here ex FC of ITSC. Aka Mr A. friend =)

Saw your post on GW Endless Waltz. Apparently there's 2 versions of Endless Waltz movie. One would be Toonami's version the other would be the Original one which was released in the late 1999-2000 back when I was in Sec Sch.
The story is the same but some scenes you see in the original one don't appear in Toonami's version.
Most notably would be the Ending Theme song.
Toonami's version has "White Reflection" as it's ending song which is also use in all SRW GW Endless Waltz fight scenes.
Original version one would have "Last Impression" titled as it's ending theme song.

Both are sang by Two-Mix the original Duo who sang all of GW songs. Posted the links above for you guys to hear and enjoy. Personaly I prefer Last Impression and it was my 1st Gundam Wing Endless Waltz VCD I bought before I got the Toonami's Dvd version XD

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank for links Victor. I saw you the last time when you dropped by to find 'A'. Nice to know another Gundam fan and man, you are really knowledgable on Gundam stuff. I think most of the OST from Gundam W are cool and personally, 'Just Communication' from the TV series Is my favourite.

Darkcross said...

Haha yup I still remember =)
Agree think Two-Mix kind of took gundam theme songs to the next level. Infact I like all their GW songs. Maybe When I go back SG in Jan I'll lend you my Endless Waltz VCD for you to see the difference between the DVD version and the VCD one =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Appreciate the good gesture. Watching both version will make good comparison. Btw, I just post about Serpent Custom and here's the link:

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