Sunday, 15 January 2017

MegaZone 23 - 1/15 Scale Garland by Yamato

80s anime inspired by big mecha anime Macross and Mospeada series, Megazone 23 tells the story of motorcycle enthusiast Shogo Yahagi, who mistakenly comes into possession of a top secret government prototype bike/mecha, the Garland at top speed 320km/hr as well as the mysteries it holds. 

I always wanted this toy but back then, had to put my budget on other Yamato's stuffs like Macross. Finally made up my mind on getting it during recent Tokyo otaku trip. 1/15 scale Garland Full Action Model is huge and the packaging box occupied much of my luggage space. I also managed to get a loose Garland and could now display both in different modes. 

I practically had little idea of this mecha anime before owning the toy and only started watching the OVA movies on YouTube after I returned from my trip. Honestly, I like the concept of transformable motorcycle aka Maneuver-Craft mode to robot aka Maneuver-Slave Mode with ultra cool blue visor head. Kind of reminded me of the Mospeada's charm. 

Not many accessories apart for the rifle and rider. The whole toy looks extra cool with the rider, Shogo Yahagi, especially in bike mode and rider also fit well in the cockpit in robot mode after transformation. My loose piece came with an extra female pillion, Yui Takanaka, manned as a bonus figure for the military type version. 

Drawing upon original mecha designs by Shinji Aramaki (Wolf's Rain, Bubblegum Crisis), Yamato's 1/15 Garland stretches over 10" long in bike form and 9.5" high in mecha form with over 10 points of articulation and scaled Shogo Yahagi figure. Even more, as a testament to late Yamato's engineering genius. I made a video of my toy... Do check it out...

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Random Pokémon Figures & Pokémon Go Plus

After months of playing Pokémon Go, I'm still playing with much anticipation from the coming of generation 2. I do admit that I'm not a fan of Pokémon anime, neither am I interested in Pokém trading cards back then and I only watched a few episodes and have a geez idea of Pokémon so as to communicate with my introvert nephew years ago. 

I'm more familiar with generation one Pokémon and Blastoise is definitely on my number one. I am a bit disappointment when Niantic lowered the overall Combat Power (CP) of Blastoise after the recent update. I'm pretty excited to see Takara Tomy Pokémon Monocolle trading figures during my Japan trip and I bought Blastoise  and the Mega Evolution. The Monocolle Squirtle was bought during my Hong Kong trip. I'm now missing Monocolle Wartortle to complete the evolution. 

What's more, I also got myself the Pokémon Go Plus to ease from always staring at my handphone. It's a useful accessory now that I can jog while playing the game (catching Pokémon and spinning Pokéstop by pressing the button on Pokémon Go Plus), appreciate the surrounding better and not distracted when I'm with my friends and love ones. Some downsides are that Pokémon Go Plus only toss the red weak Pokéball therefore the flee rate are high and I don't get to know what Pokémon I'm catching. I also pick up these sleepy capsule Pokémon figures when I collect my Pokémon Go Plus @ TOG.   

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Dennis' Top Ten Toys (TTT) 2016

Langrisser II Sherry Figure 2 photo Langrisser II Sherry Figure 2_zps0douinh3.jpg
1st - Langrisser II - 1/6 Sherry Variant Painted Resin Figure. I think Sherry remains gorgeous in this grey lavish armour and I'm sure it's one of the kind. Who says it's alway mecha taking TTT top spot. I was walking on the moon when I saw this and was so thankful that the store owner agreed to sell me. 

MG GM Cannon II Pic1 photo MG GM Cannon II Pic1_zpsucyir1vv.jpg
2nd - 1/100 Scale GM Cannon II Conversion Parts. I'm pretty proud with the overall finished product and welcomed GM Cannon II to the ranks of 1/100 scale GM in my collection.

MG Blue Destiny Gundam Pic2 photo MG Blue Destiny Gundam Pic2_zpsohhrjqr1.jpg
3rd - Scale 1/100 Gundam Blue Destiny Unit-01 RX-79BD-1 Conversion Parts. G-System conversion parts from a sale tread on Gundam SG Forum which I think is quite a rare item.

Armarauders Pic3 photo Armarauders Pic3_zpsjgyghdfn.jpg
4th - Armarauders‬: EF-JAT-47FG ‪‎Bellerophon‬ (Cam's Custom) Deluxe Edition. Deluxe Edition is really worth it as it came tons of accessories and some well made that IMHO, this is one of the best toy I had bought. The figure is heavy with plenty of die-cast. Moreover, the figure was so well painted and looked like air sprayed by pro modeller.

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic10 photo 100 Alteisen Pic10_zpsug84k0kz.jpg
5th - Scale 1/100 PTX-0003C Alteisen SRW Super Robot Wars Origin. This red monster by Kotobukiya is one hard to catch item as Kotobukiya's kits are forever limited in quantity. The coolest move by Kotobukiya was throwing in a fully painted 12cm trading figure of Alteisen’s pilot, Kyosuke Nanbu.

Vifam Figure 8 photo Vifam Figure 8_zpslycyodmt.jpg
6th - Super Robot Vifam Porcelain Sculpture. The nostalgic Galactic Drifter Vifam Super Robot Vifam in porcelain sculpture is a niche piece with very few circulating in the market. I personally chose this over the action figure, primarily for the sleeker appearance. It's like a kai version of the original Vifam.

Gernsback Pic5 photo Gernsback Pic5_zpsk5df6n5h.jpg
7th - Full Metal Panic! : 1/48 Armslave Gernsback M9 Sosuke Sagara Version. A serious note on Full Metal Panic with one of the coolest grunt unit. My first attempt on Aoshima kit is Sosuke Sagara's personalized Armslave Gernsback M9 in 1/48-scale.

PowerDolls Robot 2 photo Power Doll Kit Pic2_zps4o0husbm.jpg 
8th - POWER DoLLS 装歩兵 - 1/35 Power Loader X-4. Something nostalgic that takes us back to the 90s or do you remember the days us install PC games using floppy discs like my favourite genre turn-based strategy game 'POWER DoLLS'.

Masei Macross Helmet Pic3 photo Masei Macross Helmet Pic3_zpshsrvmmwy.jpg
9th - Masei 1/1 Scale Macross DYRL Hikaru Pilot Helmet. I don't own a motorcycle, neither do I have a qualified motorcycle riding license! Yet, I'm a proud to own this Masei 1/1 Scale Macross DYRL Hikaru Pilot Helmet!

Macross II Toy Pic2 photo Macross II Toy Pic2_zpsk5u33g7m.jpg
10th - 1/60 Scale Variable Fighter VF-2SS Silvie Gena. Before our memories of Macross II (Lovers Again) diminished into thin air, 'Evolution Toys' reignited the flame of deculture with a brand new toy design of 1/60 scale variable fighter VF-2SS Silvie Gena.

I kind of stopped doing TTT last year but no worries, I did a back schduled post for TTT 2015 and have continue doing TTT for this year to make up for it. Apologises for that! Taking this opportunity to wish all readers and friends a Happy New Year! Good health and may all new resolutions come true.

Just read the thoughts of a fellow blogger 'Open The Toy' and I do share some strong strong sentiments to what he had mentioned. I felt really honoured that I had known him through blogging toys as well as other bloggers/toy collectors like Desmond, Adrian and Shawn. Great genuine memories and experiences at the height of blogging from gatherings to toys outdoor photography.

It's not easy to continue pursuing our interests, sadness some had gone separate ways or move on to other things in life. Blogging and toy collecting is like a long marathon and may have obstacles such as financial difficulties, time commitments and space constraints.

Nonetheless, we have come a long way, my passion is still strong and it will continue to drive me. I really appreciate the support of readers and friends. I'm thankful for the honest comments and hope to improve further.

I have started publishing my blog posts on Facebook Katsuden page as well in 2016 to hoping to increase the accessibility with some extra random pics. I will be trying out doing short videoclips on my toys to put up on Youtube and link them to blog post.  


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