Thursday, 26 November 2015

1/100 Gage-ing Builder Gundam Age-1 Normal

Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic1 photo Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic1_zpszvlgkare.jpg

Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic2 photo Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic2_zpsilpxqsjm.jpg

Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic3 photo Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic3_zpsxyaekub0.jpg

Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic4 photo Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic4_zpsvhciqlfl.jpg

Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic5 photo Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic5_zps30zx7k3m.jpg

Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic6 photo Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic6_zpsquh8tcmn.jpg

Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic7 photo Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic7_zpsaadqueiq.jpg

Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic8 photo Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic8_zpsfewdrtyj.jpg

Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic9 photo Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic9_zpsu7h1kmbj.jpg

Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic10 photo Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic10_zpsynccyyrf.jpg

Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic11 photo Gageing Builder Gundam Age1 Normal Pic11_zpsrlxt1fey.jpg

Gundam Age television series was aired around the period when Unicorn Gundam OVA was released. Gundam Age kind of got beaten down. However IMHO, this under-rated anime had plot that kept audiences going although it started slow paced. At least, I understand this anime stretched over 3-pilot-generations better 'G Reconguista'.

Ultimately, Gundam Age aimed to nurture young audience to liking Gundam hence Bandai introduced 1/100 scale figure of the main suit, Gundam AGE-1. The AGE-1 normal be disassembled allowing you to swap legs and arms with other suits from the Gage-ing Builder series. It also comes with its signature shield, beam rifle, and a Gage-ing card. It's kinda nice if you don't mind having too many visible screws and lacked of proportionality. 

After all, it's for playing and be treated like an action figure. Bandai Namco added more entertainment with BG (Gage-ing Builder), which carry 'Gage-ing Chip' circuitry which, when scanned by the Gage-ing Link system, allow models and figures alike to compete on the same field. Using devices like the free-play Gage-ing Battle Base kiosk, planned for installation at arcades and selective hobby shops. Mainly for domestic market. I only saw them locally at Gunpla Expo and Toy'R'Us when the toy line was newly launched.

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Robot Spirit Damashii ARX-7 Arbalest Figure Full Metal Panic!

Arbalest Figure Pic1 photo Arbalest Figure Pic1_zpsslywdy3h.jpg

Arbalest Figure Pic2 photo Arbalest Figure Pic2_zpslplnufa4.jpg

Arbalest Figure Pic3 photo Arbalest Figure Pic3_zpsez7aww42.jpg

Arbalest Figure Pic4 photo Arbalest Figure Pic4_zps8sy56ctz.jpg

Arbalest Figure Pic5 photo Arbalest Figure Pic5_zpsfvjfubps.jpg

Arbalest Figure Pic6 photo Arbalest Figure Pic6_zpsrpegywi6.jpg

Arbalest Figure Pic7 photo Arbalest Figure Pic7_zpsg99w9pox.jpg

Arbalest Figure Pic8 photo Arbalest Figure Pic8_zpshvnvb5oh.jpg

Arbalest Figure Pic9 photo Arbalest Figure Pic9_zpscj8s5apj.jpg

Arbalest Figure Pic10 photo Arbalest Figure Pic10_zpslbxqphik.jpg

Arbalest Figure Pic11 photo Arbalest Figure Pic11_zpspwfzmgea.jpg

Arbalest Figure Pic12 photo Arbalest Figure Pic12_zpsshj3q0nc.jpg

Arbalest Figure Pic13 photo Arbalest Figure Pic13_zpsbs09dai0.jpg

Arbalest Figure Pic14 photo Arbalest Figure Pic14_zpsfbr5n0wu.jpg

 photo Arbalest Figure Pic15_zps0tfsdvwy.jpg

Bandai sure know how to satisfy the craving of mecha who wants the action and not the assembling of model kits. Though the scale ain't really big. The Damashii or call it Tamashii meaning 'Spirit' stand at average height if a 1/144 Gunpla, rather 12cm. It's a cool released on this under-rated mecha anime 'Full Metal Panic!'. In this anime, the robot are termed as Arm-Slave and Arbalest is the most up-to-date piloted by the male protagonist, Sousuke Sagara.

Packaging is typical of Robot Spirit Damashii, in slim and space saving box with clear window showing most of the accessories. Bandai is generous with an assortment of accessories from anti-tank dagger, monocular cutter, shotgun, optional hand parts, extra face with knife on its mouth and Lambda drive parts. 

I would say the sculpt of the figure is sharp, not to inform that some yellow paints were inconsistent. Nevertheless the figure is relatively decent for a reasonable price. Definitely a cool release for the fun factor and action pose capability. No problem from bending to kneeling position. Even the shotgun has gimmick like moveable pump slide that moved back and forth and adjustable recoil shoulder rest.

Friday, 20 November 2015

HGUC MS-09F Domtropen - Built & Painted

HGUC Domtropen Pic1 photo HGUC Domtropen Pic1_zpspgfaveeh.jpg

HGUC Domtropen Pic2 photo HGUC Domtropen Pic2_zpshhflmozs.jpg

HGUC Domtropen Pic5 photo HGUC Domtropen Pic5_zpsnfwileas.jpg

HGUC Domtropen Pic3 photo HGUC Domtropen Pic3_zpsz5sr6igc.jpg

HGUC Domtropen Pic4 photo HGUC Domtropen Pic4_zpsfechy1f0.jpg

HGUC Domtropen Pic6 photo HGUC Domtropen Pic6_zps4cbohwta.jpg

HGUC Domtropen Pic7 photo HGUC Domtropen Pic7_zpslm3zoreg.jpg

HGUC Domtropen Pic8 photo HGUC Domtropen Pic8_zpsbv0tqgr1.jpg

HGUC Domtropen Pic9 photo HGUC Domtropen Pic9_zps3noemshi.jpg

HGUC Domtropen Pic10 photo HGUC Domtropen Pic10_zpszbgfxmtf.jpg

HGUC Domtropen Pic11 photo HGUC Domtropen Pic11_zpsacpwvlfz.jpg

HGUC Domtropen Pic12 photo HGUC Domtropen Pic12_zps9b9quxrh.jpg

HGUC Domtropen Pic13 photo HGUC Domtropen Pic13_zpsnbetdots.jpg 

"Dom Tropen" was deployed mainly at Africa Front, specialized and re-designed MS with the goal of optimum operation in desert environment. They are featured in UC0083, as after OYW, a small remainder were operated by the Principality of Zeon remnants. Dom Tropen Sand Brown MS 09F is a mass production MS that appeared in "Mobile Suit Gundam 0083". These Principality of Zeon remnants assisted the hijacked Gundam GP02, escaped to space from Africa. 

It was modified to more aerodynamic shape and the maintenance of improving intake filter leg thermonuclear jet hover to counter earth's gravitation pull to react better to desert surface. In addition, the compatibility of equipment has been thoroughly improved as these sand hover units desert obtained efficiently surface effects over normal Dom system unit. In addition to the dust filter physical filters, an electromagnetic induction or a centrifugal separation mechanism is incorporated to prevent contamination of large and small dust can proof equipment. 

Head unit basic structure is close to Rick Dom Ⅱ, rather than Dom, sub-sensor is equipped with top of the head Improved type was changed to a magazine type the bullet-feed method. Also, disposable rocket launcher, which is widely used in the late his one-year war. However even with automatic tracking device, it is still very difficult for the rocket launch to hit a moving target. Weapon for hand-to-hand combat is the heat saber. Saber portion made up of generation device to change the energy into heat with high efficiency.

Gunpla Courtesy of Kenny Ang


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