Saturday, 27 August 2016

Katsuden Playing Pokémon Go

This is the display I get when the server was overloaded. Don't get this very often which I think Niantic did a wonderful job. 

Pokémon Go gamers would love this cosplay for more inventories ...

Now I know why I like Squirtle and Pikachu!

Pikachu from 2km egg hatched

My strongest Pokémon at the moment .. Dragonite

It's sad to know that mob gathered at Hougang area, recklessly stopped traffic to cross the road just to catch Snorlax. Crowding gathering there causing noises at wee hours and leaving behind their trashes. Please be a graceful Pokémon trainer...

The phenomenon mobile game 'Pokémon Go' took the world by storm and sent Nintendo's stocks skyrocket. Without introduction, this game was such a big hit when it was first introduced in the States, it's no surprise that it's a craze when it hit Singapore's shore a couple of weeks ago which drove many bonkers. OMHO, we should play the game responsibly without causing danger or inconveniences to one self and others. I wasn't too fond of the game at first but somehow got pretty hooked to it from the motivation of collecting more Pokémon for Pokédex, seeing them evolved to fighting in gym. 

So much so it's an activity that helps bond our family. In the past, I only watched Pokémon cartoon so I could communicate with my nephew and that gave me some understanding of what Pokémon is. My nephew had even passed down his Pokémon sticker book and cards to my kiddos. My eldest son and I both loved Blastoise! There's also a lot of fun meeting up friends and Pokémon hunting together. I used assisting 'Radar Go' apps like a real time compass to aid my hunt. When the rare Pokémon appeared, I often had to sprint and at times, futile efforts. Nonetheless, I treat every run as a form of exercise. That's the thrill of the game so that's the reason I don't believe in hacking the game for teleportation. Don't run and risk of getting ban and self integrity. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Five Star Stories L.E.D Mirage Volks Figure

A sudden interest in 'Five Star Stories' after having watched the 1989 movie anime recently on Youtube. I actually knew what the existence of the manga series created by Mamoru Nagano, building on his work on the anime series Heavy Metal L-Gaim. Indeed a long history dated many years ago however its merchandises are hard to come by, especially the figure. To my surprise, a local seller listed this rare and hard to find fully painted version of the L.E.D Mirage from FSS, compared to the common transparent version are much easily available. 

Though, L.E.D Mirage isn't featured in the anime movie, this iconic mecha is what we would see whenever anyone searched about the title. Not to mention the knightly design and templar crusader colour scheme. Kaiyodo adorns their growing line-up of action figures with their first-ever mecha, wisely choosing the L.E.D Mirage from Mamoru Nagano's Five Star Stories. This 16.5cm tall figure can pose at all normal arm and leg joints. Comes with 3 different swords and the shield with those insect-like mandibles. Include a complete set of decals too.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Super Robot Taisen Inspired Handphone Game

I'm in the mood to talk about the handphone which I'm currently playing. The initial title was 'Super Robot Taisen' but somehow the titles came changing to evade licensing issues as I presumed. Nonetheless, this has been a wonderful game and IMHO outdo any Gundam related handphone app-games.  This mobile game with main unit like Alteisen with many other models of Gundam has kept my interests for a long time from boss fights to "Player Vs Player" as well as fighting as a legion in battle. Feels very honoured to join legion Mithril especially been with the legion long enough to see the legion grow until we managed to attain rank no.1 within our server to inter-server domination! Even though I'm only a free to play gamer with my contributions limited, my legion mates have been very kind and helpful towards me, pouring advises on conserving resources and using them wisely when opportunities come. I used to like my good guys Gundam units a lot in the past but in order to get stronger, I can't be choosy and have to settle with other stronger units that's within my reach.  My units are mainly Gundam from U.C timeline, unfortunately they are pretty weak as compared to Gundam from alternative timelines. 


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