Tuesday, 5 April 2022

虾米大模王 Xiaomi 4th Anniversary Figures

Started watching 虾米大模王 on YouTube during the episode which they covered Gundam topic in Japan. I had faithfully followed their channel since then. Deeply poisoned by the toys they reviewed. Among them is this very special Xiaomi 4th Anniversary commemorative figure modeled after the attractive host. The channel covered the whole process right from conceptualization to production. Beautiful figure from sculpt to paint application by APEX-TOY. This set also come with a bonus 6 cm Xiami's Fourth Anniversary Q Edition figure. Moreover a figure that relates well with Covid situation.. Oh yes! Finally optional to wear mask 😷 outdoor here

Monday, 7 March 2022

The Worldwide Merchandise Division 2001 of Les MS Girls


"Pert young girls in sailor outfits run around firing bazookas" …. The absurdity of this scenario is enough to cause a chuckle with almost anyone. Nevertheless, this combination of "girls&hardware" was incredibly popular with Japanese animation fans during the 1980s. This phenomenon was also no doubt the spark which ultimately gave birth to the MS Girls. The MS Girls concept itself is also more than a little off the wall. It features cute, seemingly helpless, prepubescent girls wearing body armour which is redesigned versions of the various humanoid battle machines which appear in the Mobile Suit Gundam very 1980s indeed. 

This concept itself has been around for more than 10 years and it is not clear who first started drawing such series characters. Even if it were clear, as the idea is a parody of the Gundam universe, it would be difficult to call the artist's work "original. " In that sense, Mika Akitaka is simply one of the many who have drawn MS Girls. 

Nevertheless, his drawings are generally considered the originals, or standard-setters for two reasons:First, he participated in an official capacity on the original Mobile Suit Gundam series as a mechanical designer. Second, his MS Girls have appeared in a number of commercial publications for nearly ten years now his persistence lends credence to his work. Despite the length of time that he has worked on the genre, a careful count of his works reveals that he has, unfortunately, less than 70 drawings completed as of May 1994. This book is a collection of his works to date. It may serve as one of the final chapters to the "games" of the 1980s.

Friday, 21 January 2022

The Raid - Special Destroy Evil Unit SDEU Figures

I shall titled this post as 'The Raid' and have it dedicated to my Special Destroy Evil Unit S.D.E.U. Medicom is consider as one of the pioneer toy companies that collaborated with designer toy artists.  I find these dwarfed figures interesting with their oversized weapons. They have a strong SWATS team special forces vides. My first version id the desert camouflaged version and the second is the more simplified keychain version in blue (this version doesn't come with detachable weapons. The blue color way give it more naval feel. The version that I like the most is definitely the stealth version 飞虎 . I even gotten a 1/6 scale police shield to compliment it. Last but not least, the mask can be removed to reveal the face of the officer. 

Friday, 14 January 2022

DBZ Kuji Prize A Yamcha Figure

A賞 for my favourite Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) character. Yamcha has definitely gotten his recognition, not for his strength is a top DBZ fighter but as Ichiban Kuji Prize A! We missed your smile and waving long hair Yamcha! Very cool pose and the confidence on facial expression presented by the figure! Certainly the pride of a DBZ warrior before Saibamen exploded on him. LOL! Very glad to see more Yamcha figures been produced in recent years. The only shortcoming I see in this figure is that the figure is unable to hold itself without the clear support part. The clear part kind of affected the whole aesthetic and this type of clear material tends to turn yellow with time. 

Thursday, 6 January 2022

1/35 Scale Border Break Kisei Kuushiki


I don't play the third-person mecha action arcade game developed by Sega which later transited to PS4, but this mecha is a love at first when I saw a video of the statue displayed at an hobby exhibition in Japan. It is only available as a model kit released by Kotobukiya in 1/35 scale (standing approx 16cm) and I strong feel that I need to build and paint it to give justice to this Border Break Kisei Kuushiki, designed by Mr Shigeo Mouri. 

Love the design of how practical the mecha would be presumed in a near future. How the weapons are stored in the rear, SC-MARCHWAY can be equipped to the back mounter. A touch of the military green on the forearm, plus boosters can be attached to the left and right thigh, and the nozzle armour can be extended. 

Friday, 31 December 2021

Top Ten Toys (TTT) 2021

Cyber Troopers Virtual-On 

VR Man Figure By GGNW

Phua Chu Kang PCK Figure by GGNW

Masters of the Universe MOTU Origins He-Man Faker + Custom Painted Copycat

Dirty Pair ダーティペア Kei & Yuri Resin Statues 

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman - God Phoenix Eagle

Gundam RX-78-2 Molly

Centurions PowerXtreme Ace McCloud Kenner Figure

Visionaries Leoric Figure (SDCC 2017)

Custom Painted Macross VF-1S Resin Kit (E2046)

Master Piece Optimus Prime Evangelion Unit 01 Colour Way

It's not over yet with Omicron! All is well and I had my booster vaccination taken. Not a really good year for me as  I was struggling with skin rash some time after taking Pfizer and eventually was admission to hospital for viral infection. Gone through a minor surgery and followed by abscess due to Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Well, what didn't kill us, make us stronger. I am very grateful to all who supported me through the ordeal. 

So much about me, let's follow the tradition of Top Ten Toys (TTT). This year picks are mainly based on nostalgia. As we grew old, we looked more to the past reminiscing the good old days. My passion for toys are still strong though my hair is turning grey by the days. Special mention to Dirty Pair ダーティペア Kei & Yuri Resin Statues as they are really one of a kind. Resin kits that's beautifully painted.

I have combined both VR Man and Phua Chu Kang PCK figures as a pick because they are both produced  by GGNW. Great to see iconic characters from past local sitcoms made into action figures. I am very into Masters of the Universe MOTU Origins this year, many He-Man figures released that looks like the vintage with new toy technology. They are very cool and I had a lot of fun custom painting my very own Copycat. 

Mecha entries goes to Cyber Troopers Virtual-On for the SEGA Saturn mounted on the back. Old gamer's choice LOL. Always a Macross fan and Custom Painted Macross VF-1S Resin Kit (E2046) is a definite entry. Not forgetting Science Ninja Team Gatchaman - God Phoenix Eagle. As for cartoon toy entries, they are Centurions PowerXtreme Ace McCloud Kenner Figure, Visionaries Leoric Figure (SDCC 2017) and Master Piece Optimus Prime Evangelion Unit 01 Colour Way. 

Lastly, the only designer toy that make it to this year TTT is none other than Gundam RX-78-2 Molly. I just love the first Gundam colour way! An honourable mention to Street Sharks - Ripster. I wished I could list more toys...

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