Tuesday, 16 December 20014

8" Gundam Maxter Action Figure

Gundam Maxter Toy 1 photo GundamMaxterToy1_zps875098fa.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 2 photo GundamMaxterToy2_zps5b491e01.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 4 photo GundamMaxterToy4_zps255500a8.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 5 photo GundamMaxterToy5_zpsdc79a636.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 6 photo GundamMaxterToy6_zps2c195955.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 7 photo GundamMaxterToy7_zpsa8e39527.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 8 photo GundamMaxterToy8_zps62abe520.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 9 photo GundamMaxterToy9_zps39dee8d8.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 10 photo GundamMaxterToy10_zps6485dcca.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 11 photo GundamMaxterToy11_zps76105e13.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 12 photo GundamMaxterToy12_zpsd9d808a1.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 13 photo GundamMaxterToy13_zps8e0a3794.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 14 photo GundamMaxterToy14_zps5998cc39.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 15 photo GundamMaxterToy15_zps090763dc.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 16 photo GundamMaxterToy16_zpsdf53b78b.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 17 photo GundamMaxterToy17_zpse21cea4e.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 18 photo GundamMaxterToy18_zps2a26427d.jpg

Gundam Maxter Toy 19 photo GundamMaxterToy19_zps72c767ea.jpg

Hey Japanese!!! Machine Gun Punch!!!! These quotes of Chibodee Crocket (pilot) stuck in my mind for a long time having watched the Japanese language version of 'Mobile Suit Gundam G'. GF13-006NA Gundam Maxter is a mobile fighter for the nation of Neo America built for the 13th Gundam Fight. It was featured in the anime Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

The unit is piloted by boxer Chibodee Crocket always entering splendidly with grand entrance. Chibodee is much of a comic relief and the Neo America Gundam design is truly a strong stigma of US from American Footballer design with surfboard as shield, a pair of cowboy's gun aka Gigantic Magnum and best of all, the American Footballer shoulder pad. My favourite Gundam mobile suit from G Gundam. It's very U.S.A iconic mobile suit that dressed up like American football player and holding two pistols like cowboy. If you have watched the animation, You either love or be annoyed by Chibodee yelling Maxter Gundam killing move "Machine Gun Punch".

This is a revamped post of my previous. I'm using the packaging is the Japan version and had replaced the actual toy with a reissued version for U.S market. The U.S version had replaced the yellow portion of the Gundam with chrome. I had discarded the the Japan version due to yellowing but I do like the packaging a lot. One major flaw of this later version is that the face of Maxter Gundam, supposedly white had been smeared with blue. Also in comparison, the U.S version feel more plastic.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

SD Gundam BB Senshi Jiang Wei Kyoui Gundam F91 (姜維ガンダムF91)

Kyoui Gundam Jiang Wei F91 Pic1 photo KyouiGundamJiangWeiF91Pic1_zpsbd48629c.jpg

Kyoui Gundam Jiang Wei F91 Pic2 photo KyouiGundamJiangWeiF91Pic2_zps60bfef20.jpg

Kyoui Gundam Jiang Wei F91 Pic3 photo KyouiGundamJiangWeiF91Pic3_zps0f6e2b4e.jpg
Chinese character  on the forehead

Kyoui Gundam Jiang Wei F91 Pic4 photo KyouiGundamJiangWeiF91Pic4_zpse4cfe1a2.jpg

Kyoui Gundam Jiang Wei F91 Pic5 photo KyouiGundamJiangWeiF91Pic5_zps65a464da.jpg

Kyoui Gundam Jiang Wei F91 Pic6 photo KyouiGundamJiangWeiF91Pic6_zps19f8e5f8.jpg

Kyoui Gundam Jiang Wei F91 Pic8 photo KyouiGundamJiangWeiF91Pic8_zps3f14bb63.jpg

Kyoui Gundam Jiang Wei F91 Pic7 photo KyouiGundamJiangWeiF91Pic7_zpsbc8d6b16.jpg

Kyoui Gundam Jiang Wei F91 Pic9 photo KyouiGundamJiangWeiF91Pic9_zps538b9662.jpg

Kyoui Gundam Jiang Wei F91 Pic10 photo KyouiGundamJiangWeiF91Pic10_zpsa25f6580.jpg

Kyoui Gundam Jiang Wei F91 Pic12 photo KyouiGundamJiangWeiF91Pic12_zps99498f71.jpg

Kyoui Gundam Jiang Wei F91 Pic11 photo KyouiGundamJiangWeiF91Pic11_zps39dbc5e4.jpg

Kyoui Gundam Jiang Wei F91 Pic13 photo KyouiGundamJiangWeiF91Pic13_zps954b721c.jpg

Kyoui Gundam Jiang Wei F91 Pic14 photo KyouiGundamJiangWeiF91Pic14_zpse0cc9118.jpg 

A warrior surrounded in mysteries. Inspired by Jiang Wei from the Chinese literary classic "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". Better known as 'Kyoui Gundam' in the World of Brave Battle Warriors, he was once a follower of Sousou (Cao Cao) Troops but later switch side to Ryobi (Liu Bei) after been convinced by Zhuge Liang, known his potential as a strategist as well as a warrior. Kyoui Gundam is a nicely detailed snap-fit plastic kit! Part of Bandai's "BB Senshi Sangokuden" ("BB Warrior Romance Of The Three Kingdoms") line, this simple kit is molded in color and features polycap joints, detachable armor parts, and heel stamps with his name etched into both heels. Panel line the kit and the Chinese character 姜 on the forehead will be obvious. 

Comes with variety of weapons such as the Shield of Flames [Homura no tate] and the Spear of Sharp Edge [Eisennsou]. The spear can be equipped with the shoulder clear parts to become the Wing of Flames [Enyoku]. BB Jiangwei took a double agent role and so is the kit which can switch between fiery red dragon Gundam F91 and Zaku II (red). In Gundam form, he holds a trident and a more low-profile sword when infiltrating SouSou camp in Zaku II form. The face change is very much removing the V-fin and replacing it with a Zaku II mask.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Anime Festival Asia AFA Singapore 2014 (Part 2 - Bishoujo Figurine Statue)

 photo IMG_8771_zps5e79a8ac.jpg

 photo IMG_8570_zpsdf46d576.jpg

 photo IMG_8562_zps6273dd44.jpg

 photo IMG_8557_zpsc8d09152.jpg

 photo IMG_8573_zps7b1efa33.jpg

 photo IMG_8625_zps9a55c25f.jpg

 photo IMG_8631_zpscc6bb4aa.jpg

 photo IMG_8633_zpsc9fab09c.jpg

 photo IMG_8628_zpse5b3fca5.jpg

 photo IMG_8636_zps80c19539.jpg

 photo IMG_8669_zps16dc9bbb.jpg

 photo IMG_8671_zps1176835b.jpg

 photo IMG_8670_zps8fe3d283.jpg

 photo IMG_8692_zpsc80225f7.jpg

 photo IMG_8693_zpseede9e31.jpg

 photo IMG_8696_zps73253547.jpg

 photo IMG_8697_zps435d594b.jpg

 photo IMG_8689_zpse163509e.jpg

 photo IMG_8690_zps2af2122f.jpg

 photo IMG_8667_zpsfc06175f.jpg

 photo IMG_8699_zps0ddf86ab.jpg

 photo IMG_8700_zps9300dc2c.jpg

 photo IMG_8706_zpse03a55b6.jpg

 photo IMG_8707_zpsecb27242.jpg

 photo IMG_8702_zpsadef47bc.jpg

 photo IMG_8704_zpsc20aa8bb.jpg

 photo IMG_8708_zps6f7ab4b3.jpg

 photo IMG_8709_zps091517b0.jpg

 photo IMG_8721_zpsaa774483.jpg

 photo IMG_8729_zps1c3e89d9.jpg

 photo IMG_8713_zps834343ef.jpg

 photo IMG_8711_zpsf531b578.jpg

 photo IMG_8710_zpsc6642321.jpg

 photo IMG_8730_zpse69673c8.jpg

 photo IMG_8735_zps9e37e9d6.jpg

 photo IMG_8800_zps09d8f25a.jpg

 photo IMG_8801_zps847374d6.jpg

 photo IMG_8828_zps8a5f2519.jpg

 photo IMG_8799_zpsfa10fb0f.jpg

 photo IMG_8741_zps64a6d69a.jpg

 photo IMG_8830_zps737b89a3.jpg

 photo IMG_8829_zps8d1e966f.jpg

 photo IMG_8861_zps5cbeb0dc.jpg

 photo IMG_8859_zps413a0fda.jpg

 photo IMG_8832_zps6aa9b087.jpg

 photo IMG_8863_zpse180e618.jpg

 photo IMG_8720_zps14e74a8f.jpg

 photo IMG_8864_zps04a7530b.jpg

 photo IMG_8865_zps4894fcd2.jpg

 photo IMG_8870_zpsdf7dd13d.jpg

 photo IMG_8872_zpsaf37bdc7.jpg

 photo IMG_8874_zpse746fb40.jpg

 photo IMG_8873_zps2141e094.jpg

 photo IMG_8876_zps90058a07.jpg

 photo IMG_8866_zps3c3d016d.jpg

 photo IMG_8868_zpsf0d76e18.jpg

 photo IMG_8878_zps93f4c48f.jpg

 photo IMG_8610_zpsb1774523.jpg

 photo IMG_8909_zps62b0e5e8.jpg

My second post on this year's AFA will be pics focus on anything adorable and kawaii. Rising in popularity and demands are these Bishoujo, character figurines and even doll. We tend to like some characters in anime and that usually tempt us to getting those figures. I'm speaking from experience and it's always an emotion struggle dealing with budget and storage space. Nonetheless, it's pleasure taking pics of them and good thing I went to the event early, as it movements become more restricted as crowd streamed in. Somehow, Idol Master seems really popular and they even had their own booth this year. I did watch a few episodes of the anime however it's not quite the cup of tea for me. Well, I must admit those idols look kawaii des. Thank you Aniplex Booth for those backdrops which really helped in taking better pics and sets the environment right.


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