Friday, 24 October 2014

1/144 Genoace Custom GAGE-ING LINK (Gundam Age)

Genoace Custom Gage Pic1 photo GenoaceCustomGagePic1_zps2f595010.jpg

Genoace Custom Gage Pic4 photo GenoaceCustomGagePic4_zps3cd32f08.jpg
Genoace Custom (White Wolf) 

Genoace Custom Gage Pic2 photo GenoaceCustomGagePic2_zps6c3015fe.jpg
Comes with free card of Genoace Custom

Genoace Custom Gage Pic3 photo GenoaceCustomGagePic3_zpsfecd2d57.jpg

Genoace Custom Gage Pic5 photo GenoaceCustomGagePic5_zpse6a3d09a.jpg

Genoace Custom Gage Pic7 photo GenoaceCustomGagePic7_zps05131210.jpg

Genoace Custom Gage Pic8 photo GenoaceCustomGagePic8_zpseeba0354.jpg
I had used the free Gundam Age sticker given free out during Gunpla Expo. 

Genoace Custom Gage Pic9 photo GenoaceCustomGagePic9_zps3b7d2f2a.jpg

It's a gift from an aunty for my son. Basically the assembling level suited my seven-year-old. I wondered why it's labelled AG (Advanced Grade) instead of FG (First Grade). The only points of articulation are the head and the arms. The arms simply only goes back and forth in 360 degree rotation. This simple Gunpla comes with a card of AGE-004 Genoace Custom (White Wolf) and a G-AGE Link device that would be enclosed in the backpack. When this, children can play using this MS at the arcade. For addition info, this MS, in the anime 'Gundam Age', was later mass produced to Genoace II. 

The MS still looks alright in hangar stand-by pose from the front, however looking from the rear, the loopholes would surface. Furthermore, the weapon seems too flat even for a toy. This Gunpla offered a good opportunity for me to polish my dry brushing skill. The Gunpla had its panel lines drawn, rifle sprayed black, given an overall matte topcoat and finally dry-brushed with silver paint for a more defined contour as well as a raggard feel. It doesn't come with any sticker so I had used the free Gundam Age sticker given free out during Gunpla Expo. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Despicable ME2 Minions (Happy Meal Toy)

Despicable ME2 Mac Donald Toy Minion 6 photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion6_zpsa323a445.jpg

Despicable ME2 Mac Donald Toy Minion 7 photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion7_zps96d1e3c0.jpg

Despicable ME2 Mac Donald Toy Minion 3 photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion3_zpsfb0120da.jpg

Despicable ME2 Mac Donald Toy Minion 5 photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion5_zps318bdd03.jpg

Despicable ME2 Mac Donald Toy Minion 4 photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion4_zps7e6da5bb.jpg
Jerry Breakdancing

Despicable ME2 Mac Donald Toy Minion 2 photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion2_zpsfb0120da.jpg

Despicable ME2 Mac Donald Toy Minion 1 photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion1_zps56d422c6.jpg
Stuart Light Up Grabber

 photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion1-_zps48ca34ec.jpg
Photos taken while kiddos are playing @ FIDGETS indoor playground and wifee & I had some quiet time together...

Kiddos photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion8_zps10d0ea92.jpg
My Minions 

Wifee photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion9_zpsbdf26f07.jpg 
Wifee with Stuart

Na Na Banana... Remember the craze over 'Despicable Me' Minions when people queued over night outside Mac Donald just for the Happy Meal Toy. I remembered a fellow blogger posting the Minion Fever across the causeway too. With better accessibility of the internet and valuable lesson learned from 'Hello Kitty' saga back in the 90s, Mac Donald here, had cleverly allowed online order of such popular toy for collection of Happy Meal Toy and meal vouchers, @ a later date after the launch. Though it probably lost the novelty of getting the toy, late is better than never...wifee is happy to get her hands on these Minions and she really good with setting up the toys for photo-shoot. Maybe I should learn from her ^_^

 Gundam minion despicable me Pic1 photo GundamminiondespicablemePic1_zpsc039dc70.jpg
Here's Gundam minion from deviantart wallpaper...

Gundam minion despicable me Pic2 photo GundamminiondespicablemePic2_zps8d76cd4d.jpg
Gundam minion custom Gunpla... pic contributed by friends

Gundam minion despicable me Pic3 photo GundamminiondespicablemePic3_zps1f4b984d.jpg

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Toy Sale! @ Henderson Industrial Park 16-19th & 26-29th Oct 2014

 photo IMG_3352_zpse97e1d4d.jpg

 photo IMG_3365_zpsec3fe979.jpg

 photo IMG_3355_zpsf24b7d23.jpg

 photo IMG_3381_zpsee93923a.jpg

 photo IMG_3356_zps69e2d2aa.jpg

 photo IMG_3358_zpse48a82b3.jpg

 photo IMG_3357_zpsdf6a15d1.jpg

 photo IMG_3361_zps4368c8a8.jpg

 photo IMG_3362_zpsedc45f5c.jpg

 photo IMG_3364_zpsa74e63a7.jpg

 photo IMG_3363_zps776e832e.jpg

 photo IMG_3366_zpsaa711f5c.jpg

 photo IMG_3367_zps07ae92e6.jpg

 photo IMG_3372_zpsa4591392.jpg

 photo IMG_3368_zpsacf7f29e.jpg

 photo IMG_3373_zps6471186c.jpg

 photo IMG_3370_zpsbdaf700c.jpg

 photo IMG_3371_zps18aebb85.jpg

 photo IMG_3374_zpse919a20a.jpg

 photo IMG_3375_zpsc45fe7c9.jpg

 photo IMG_3376_zpsfcff9cad.jpg

 photo IMG_3377_zps0ea4f992.jpg

 photo IMG_3379_zps849f53c3.jpg

 photo IMG_3380_zps69d027e6.jpg

 photo IMG_3382_zps5b554af4.jpg

Happy Birthday Cai Wei! He sure had enjoyed shopping for his own birthday presents @ Branded Toy Sale @ Henderson Industrial Park #02-09, entrance via Wing A, happening 6-19th & 26-29th Oct 2014. Thanx to Cai Wei's pics as site correspondence this post is possible and for those who come across this post, do spread the news and love! It looks like this sale is gotten be worth making a trip with toys suitable for kiddos and collectors who don't have pet peeve over battered boxes. Lol... Seems like Cai Wei is able to fish out some really vintage stuff as well. How often do you see Z Knight model kit by TOMY?!


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