Friday, 31 October 2014

Rumble AM-30 Transformers Prime Takara

Transformers Prime Rumble Pic1 photo TransformersPrimeRumblePic1_zps0a0aae80.jpg

Transformers Prime Rumble Pic2 photo TransformersPrimeRumblePic2_zps4f1c09d1.jpg
Rumble in this series is a red hatchback car and in running serial number AM-31

Transformers Prime Rumble Pic3 photo TransformersPrimeRumblePic3_zps2c5691b3.jpg

Transformers Prime Rumble Pic4 photo TransformersPrimeRumblePic4_zps21805b64.jpg
View from bottom looks like a face of robot

Transformers Prime Rumble Pic5 photo TransformersPrimeRumblePic5_zpsfd144440.jpg

Transformers Prime Rumble Pic6 photo TransformersPrimeRumblePic6_zps0161d8d1.jpg

Transformers Prime Rumble Pic7 photo TransformersPrimeRumblePic7_zpsc4a417c5.jpg

Transformers Prime Rumble Pic8 photo TransformersPrimeRumblePic8_zps29144ee3.jpg

Transformers Prime Rumble Pic9 photo TransformersPrimeRumblePic9_zps6277ad5c.jpg

Transformers Prime Rumble Pic10 photo TransformersPrimeRumblePic10_zpsb7e6ed9b.jpg

Transformers Prime Rumble Pic11 photo TransformersPrimeRumblePic11_zpsbfb829e5.jpg

 photo TransformersPrimeRumblePic12_zps962ebcfa.jpg 

A gift I bought from my son to lure him to liking robots. An occasional Transformers review on my blog, Rumble AM-30 Transformers Prime Takara Tomy. This reintroduction of Decepticon Rumble was featured in Japanese Transformers Prime series, the toy is licensed under Takara Tomy as it can be seen on the opaque Japanese packaging, nice artwork however the box came in a rather odd dimension. Rumble in this series is a red hatchback car and in running serial number AM-31 is Frenzy sharing identical design but blue colour scheme. Anyway, both Rumble and Frenzy are better known to me as cassette tapes sidekick of Soundwave. 

 Open the box and the toy was presented in car mode with tinted blue windows. The weapon came in plastic kit on tree and required some assembling. The weapon rather oversized for Rumble and could be transformed into a droid, think its official name is 'Arms Micron'. The Arms Micron can be attached to either side of Rumble in car mode. I didn't apply the stickers, which primarily make up the Decepticons Logo at the car bonnet, the headlights, side decal on the car and chrome on Rumble's chest in robot mode. I think the toy looks good in both car (well conceal) and robot modes (proportional and well articulated). Many points of articulation with great movement range, smooth transformation, well balanced and great mould.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Dragon Ball Z Hero Series Super Saiyan Trunks Figure

Dragon Ball Z Hero Series Trunk 1 photo DragonBallZHeroSeriesTrunk1_zps4db18456.jpg

Dragon Ball Z Hero Series Trunk 2 photo DragonBallZHeroSeriesTrunk2_zps65b8f99d.jpg

Dragon Ball Z Hero Series Trunk 3 photo DragonBallZHeroSeriesTrunk3_zps8096a584.jpg

Dragon Ball Z Hero Series Trunk 4 photo DragonBallZHeroSeriesTrunk4_zpsfd0ec9ad.jpg

Dragon Ball Z Hero Series Trunk 5 photo DragonBallZHeroSeriesTrunk5_zps1145c158.jpg

Dragon Ball Z Hero Series Trunk 6 photo DragonBallZHeroSeriesTrunk6_zpsb5c7f35e.jpg

Dragon Ball Z Hero Series Trunk 7 photo DragonBallZHeroSeriesTrunk7_zps9e09a9d8.jpg

Dragon Ball Z Hero Series Trunk 9 photo DragonBallZHeroSeriesTrunk9_zps60276219.jpg

Dragon Ball Z Hero Series Trunk 10 photo DragonBallZHeroSeriesTrunk10_zps5a146cc4.jpg 

Continued from my previous post on Vegeta, Dragonball Z Hero Series and like father like son, here's Super Saiyan Trunks (Quite a weird name IMHO). Released in 2009 in line with the enhanced Dragonball Z Kai anime, this figure came with a card of Trunk profile, fastened to the 8" figure. An almost fix pose with only rotatable hands and hip and due to the vinyl nature ... the hip isn't attached well with an awkward twist. Future Trunks (未来のトランクス), referred to in the series simply as Trunks, is the Saiyan and Humanhybrid son of Vegeta and Bulma from the alternate future. By the time Present Trunks was born, the timeline had been altered by Future Trunks' and Cell's trips to the past. Future Trunks presented in this figure had donned a Saiyan armour training in Hyperbolic Time Chamber, in anticipation of Cell attack in DragonBall Z the anime series. Instead of yellow, this presentation of Trunk's figure had been given a chrome in his Super Saiyan form. 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

G-Exes GB [Gage-ing Builder] + Head Collection

G-Exes GB Pic1 photo G-ExesGBPic1_zps05146371.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic2 photo G-ExesGBPic2_zps28f36190.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic3 photo G-ExesGBPic3_zpsccd436a2.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic6 photo G-ExesGBPic6_zpsfccf6054.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic4 photo G-ExesGBPic4_zps80d3cf35.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic5 photo G-ExesGBPic5_zpsf91a3e9f.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic7 photo G-ExesGBPic7_zps1e542a80.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic8 photo G-ExesGBPic8_zpse325eb77.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic10 photo G-ExesGBPic10_zpsf55c1b77.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic9 photo G-ExesGBPic9_zps6f416a43.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic11 photo G-ExesGBPic11_zpsc016285b.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic12 photo G-ExesGBPic12_zps03aee2e7.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic13 photo G-ExesHeadPic1_zps0089a897.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic14 photo G-ExesHeadPic2_zps625feb32.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic16 photo G-ExesHeadPic4_zps4b3839a0.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic15 photo G-ExesHeadPic3_zps2033c914.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic17 photo G-ExesHeadPic5_zps14813c59.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic18 photo G-ExesHeadPic6_zps74af14b2.jpg

G-Exes GB Pic19 photo G-ExesHeadPic7_zpse8f72dd0.jpg

 photo G-ExesHeadPic8_zpse0634019.jpg 

GAGE G-Exes Customed Pic1 photo GAGEG-ExesCustomedPic1_zps1dd33892.jpg
I had applied decals, added more panel lines, sprayed matt top-coat and dry-brush the toy for a more tarnished look. Which would you prefer?

GAGE G-Exes Customed Pic2 photo GAGEG-ExesCustomedPic2_zps35229810.jpg

GAGE G-Exes Customed Pic3 photo GAGEG-ExesCustomedPic3_zpsfaaaad9b.jpg

GAGE G-Exes Customed Pic4 photo GAGEG-ExesCustomedPic4_zps86f46332.jpg

The WMS-GEX1, better known as the G-Exes is a custom mobile suit which Woolf Enneacle commissioned from the Madorna Mobile Suit Workshop in replacment his former mobile suit, RGE-B790CW Genoace Custom. Personally, I would prefer E-Exes over Genoace, but somehow I could help thinking of Transformers Ultra Magnus whenever E-Exes appears in-front of me. 

So far there isn't any 1/100 scale Gunpla of G-Exes so the action figure cum game GB Gage-ing Builder for Gundam Age is as close as you can get. It's trademark of Woolf Enneacle, the 'White Wolf' that all his MS come entirely white and bearing his red wolf insignia, which can be seen on the shield of G-Exes. Everything is cool about Woolf Enneacle for been the ace pilot at the earlier part of TV series Gundam Age and eventually took a mentor role and sidekick of the Gundam. 

The toy came with some parts painted with some panel lining too. The toy is a bit plastic looking so top coat could help improve the texture and serves as a protection to the plastic from yellowing. I bought the first set @ AmiAmi when it was on sale and another for the son to pay when the whole series of Gundam Age GB at great discount from local store. 

It's a hardy toy that can withstand rough play by children. The shortcoming of the toy would be those exposed screws, which luckily were all situated on the rear. A G-Exes GB card is also included and the G-Exes head display was a gift from Stanley. Another gimmick of GB Gage-ing Builder toy are that all the limbs and head can be swapped between MS, even with enemy unit. 

G-Exes Head is a gift from Stanley 'Arigato' and it's from Bandai mask collection Gundam head Collection Vol.1 anime PVC figure, released in Dec 2011. It came as a finished product, all painted with penal lines head model on a base. I'm not sure of the scaling for the head however, I did have some fun fitting it to the G-Exes GB like a mask, which kind of look comical. LOL


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