Sunday, 28 May 2017

HI-METAL Regult - The Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Certainly one of the most iconic Zentraedi military familiar mass-mecha alien enemies which still keeps me wondering why these highly advanced and intelligence male species, built this mecha, just to squeeze themselves inside the tiny pod to their discomfort. Even though the package looks inferior with window seeing through the toy in fragile blister tray insert, the toy actually weighs very solid and thin joints well enforced by die-cast. Just look that those pics I have taken to know the clever use of die-cast at strategic areas. 

This toy stands approximately 19cm, pretty tall for HI-METAL series, towering over the valkyries in the same series which is anime correct. I would say its highly posable, enabling poses with legs wide spread apart to squatting position and even various flight poses with the aid of the clear stand parts and base. By the way, the stand parts and base are included in the set. 

Both the big turrets on the top of the head and smaller turrets on the chin have to be fixed on the toy, nonetheless, the attachment process comes simple by just pop in. As a contingency, Bandai had thrown in extra small turrets in case anyone loses these small parts. Unlike 'Kaiyodo Revoltech', Bandai doesn't give extra / optional weapons such as the missile pod. 

I was expecting the cockpit to open from the front, just like the 'Matchbox' and amazing in Bandai version, a more accurate function to open the cockpit from the rear as a gimmick makes it more realistic. I wonder Bandai would ever produce the pilot for this toy? There are a bit shows details showing the cockpit's interior and I presumed the two bars on the sides are controller handles. 

More gimmicks such as the thrusters on both sides of Regult's head, are able to rotate. Overall, this Bandai's version is well sculpted nicely painted. The grey parts are painted metallic, the pale blue and light grey colours are very close to how the mecha looks like in the anime. There is no need for any stickers since the red and awesome looking insignias are all prepainted. A really great toy which self explained why the value of the toy had got up! 

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Katsuden's New Foot Apparels (Star Wars Vs Gundam)

Even the box for the shoes looks so cool! Look at those design blueprint on the box!

The paper wrapping around the shoes is Star Wars print. How awesome!

Time to add some fashion to what I wear on the foot. New imports of old-school foot apparels to affiliate myself to pop culture such as Star Wars shoes and Zeon slippers. First on Skechers Star Wars classic trilogy tossers Padawan casual slip on with Star Wars wordings pattern and fight scene between Luke and Darth Vader on the memory foam. I have been a loyal fan of Skechers' shoes especially for the memory foam which give a lot of comfort to my heels. The box for the shoes looks so cool! Look at those design blueprint on the box! Even the paper wrapping around the shoes is Star Wars print. How awesome!

Sieg Zeon! Now, I can show your support to the Zeonic cause in Mobile Suit Gundam universe, nemesis Zeon military beach slippers. Quality production by popular geek wear 'COSPA'. Black slippers with contrasting white Zeon insignia pattern. People are going to take notice of my cool slippers the moment I removed it : )

Sunday, 21 May 2017

D.O.D Dimension of Dragon Ball Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Vs Broly

Front cover of the box








Knockoff - Some mild paint areas slight out of alignment

Uses real cloth for the greyish pants

Figure has two faces to choose from either the cocky or a really pissed off looks

Remove the hair fringe and swap the face.

Make way for muscular dude when badass Super Saiyan Broly MegaHouse stormed into the world  of Dragon Ball in 2015! I'm fond of this figure for its huge size and quality that MegaHouse delivers. It stands proudly at 25cm in fixed posed packed in a big box! The front cover of the box, secured by magnet, can be flipped open to see the figure inside. However, I feel that the box is kind of sized with too many empty pockets.

The figure has two faces to choose from either the cocky or a really pissed off looks. All it needs is to remove the hair fringe and swap the face. The only movable part would be the head which can be removed to put on Broly's necklace and reattached the head onto the ball joint. Made of hybrid materials having a PVC head, soft vinyl body and using real cloth for the greyish pants. 

Even the body is soft vinyl, it's fully painted in details to the extends of well defined bulging muscle tones. The figure is nicely sculpted and brings out the dominance of the character. The figure is able to hold up own its own. Nevertheless, it can be attached to a rounded lime green base stand with 3D wordings 'DOD'and 'Broly'. 

I have also bought the bootleg/knockoff version this figure for comparison. It cost less than 1/2 of the original and I'm actually quite impressed with the closenesses of the knockoff in comparison with the original. Some telltale signs of the knockoff would be it doesn't have the 'Toei' sticker on the box, the base colour appears paler with shallow 3D wordings. 

The knockoff figure seems to have greener hair and lesser shadings. Some mild paint areas slight out of alignment. The knockoff is able to achieve the muscle tone and weighs heavier than the original. However due to the poor weigh distribution, the knockoff is unable to stand on its own without the aids from the base stand.


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