Sunday, 24 September 2017

Advance of Zeta: Titans MSIA TR-1 Hazel Gundam + Appendix XBR-84a Beam Rifle + GM Type-C

RX-121 Gundam TR-1 [HAZEL] of Advance of Z flags the original of Titans overview of U.C 0083 under the banner of the special movement formed in moon outside of Earth Federation Space Force. Gundam next generation development assigned test unit in advance of Zeta stage success. In the battle with the Zeon remnants, Gundam TR-1, handled by T3 platoon and shot down two Gelgoog M in a blink of an eye which set the unit's success. A surprising aspect of love of rabbits, captain Murphy used rabbit as squadron mark like u see on the rear skirt of the Gundam. 

 An old Gundam action figure previously known as "Mobile Suit In Action", this figure was released as 'Tamashii Shop Exclusive' which it could only be purchased at Bandai Tamashii shops in Japan. This late MSIA produced at late stage before the transition to Robot Spirit, possession better quality in terms of paint works and details that I see on close-up. Various poses can be strike with this full joint moveable action figure !! 

Gundam TR - 1 Hazel packed fun accessories like beam rifles, booster pod, multipurpose shield launchers and full armor parts. To compliment the figure, I had also gotten the enhancement XBR-84a Beam Rifle that came as an appendix Dengeki Hobby magazine July 2006. To set the theme, I have also included pics of Titans GM Type-C trading figure which is also an appendix from Dengeki Hobby Magazine 2003 September Appendix.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Transformers Robot in Disguise Bumblebee Happy Meal Toy 2017

I'm trying to add some short posts during mid week for time to time, focusing on less expensive or simpler toys like this Bumblebee from 'Robot in Disguise', Mac Donald's Happy Meal 2017 series released with Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Strongarm and Drift. Bumblebee took on a leadership role, leading autobots on earth, in the absence of Optimus Prime. I won't expect high quality from Happy Meal Toy but rest assured its a child safe and friendly toy.

Non-transformable like the other releases in this series, the paint works appeared to be inferior compare to Optimus Prime. The paint works were uneven with some parts stained black and other parts that were supposedly black, unpainted.  The Autobots logo on the chest seems misaligned too.

An optional part to the toy is the yellow translucent bee wings with honeycomb pattern. Bumblebee's head can be pulled back to stimulate flight pose and kids can roll Bumblebee back and forth with the assistance of the wheel at the upper torso. When placed side Optimus Prime, Bumblebee seems shorter but more stouter. 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Coverage on CharaEXPO 2017

Promoting anime - Katsugeki Touken Ranbu Figures

After attending STGCC 2017, my next agenda was to support CharaExpo 2017, happening the same day and over the same weekends. CharaExpo was usually planned in the first quarter of the year however this time around in September?! Adding to the coincidence that this year CharaExpo had a change in venue which brought us closer to town and such close proximity to STGCC venue. I don't think that CharaExpo would clash with STGCC but in fact boost tourism providing more reasons for visitors around the region to experience both western and eastern pop cultures. 

CharaExpo had fulfilled their promised to bring you the most exciting contents from the dynamic Japanese entertainment industry with inexpensive ticket price of $6 for early bird purchase, CharaExpo provide free admission for children under 12 years of age and are generous with freebies such as magazine, duel cards and CharaExpo file. Although CharaExpo's exhibits ain't as much as STGCC, their exhibitors event organizers and visited guests had worked hard to present us with a myriad of fun-filled activities to participate in. Regardless if you are a fan anime/Japanese idol music lover. gamer striving to win at our card game tournaments or a collector who loves exclusive anime merchandise there is something for everyone CharaExpo 2017. 

A very prominent sight inside CharaExpo event was the giant 'Eren Titan' located next to the mini stage. Aso-PA Manga and anime drawing workshop was held @ mini stage during my visit. The event area was mainly occupied by duel battle cards such as Buddyfight and Cardfight Vanguard! The event venue was not very big and easily covered and visitors would enjoy more by following main stage schedule. If I can spend more time at CharaExpo, I would want to watch the performance by 'Milky Holmes' as I do like the humor provided by the anime and would be cool seeing the group sing the anime opening song. IMHO, this year CharaExpo seems to have less figurines been displayed with majority by 'Good Smile Company'. The 'New Japan Pro-Wrestling' promotion had also reduced in scale as compared with previous years. I saw more interactive game booths this CharaExpo.


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