Wednesday, 10 February 2016

1/100 Genoace RGE-B790 Gaging Builder

Genoace Firing photo Genoace Gun_zpsukkxtk0p.jpg

Genoace Toy Pic2 photo Genoace Toy Pic2_zps81scvryu.jpg

Genoace Toy Pic3 photo Genoace Toy Pic3_zps2snlyiso.jpg

Genoace Toy Pic4 photo Genoace Toy Pic4_zpsm8rfbf4l.jpg

Genoace Toy Pic5 photo Genoace Toy Pic5_zpswwwo9qhs.jpg

Genoace Toy Pic6 photo Genoace Toy Pic6_zpsqqsgrryw.jpg

Genoace Toy Pic7 photo Genoace Toy Pic7_zpsp4aybtnk.jpg

Genoace Toy Pic8 photo Genoace Toy Pic8_zpsrqexoiwl.jpg

Genoace Toy Pic9 photo Genoace Toy Pic9_zpsswcotixx.jpg

Genoace Toy Pic10 photo Genoace Toy Pic10_zpsd6uoorev.jpg 

A mass production mobile suit of the Earth Federation Forces organized in response to the appearance of UE. It was practically useless when it was first featured in the anime Mobile suit Gundam Age. Still, I kind of like this full visor head design. The overall design take shape of an American football player. 1/100 scale (approximately 19cm) and action figure gave great feel of play plus accessories like beam spray gun, shield and unique dagger. Few mobile suits go without front skirting, and Genoace happened to be similar to a Federation MS Jegan. Like other Gaging Builder series, the parts like the body, arm and legs are replaceable to mix-and-match to make you ultimate combination. I like the original form but kiddos would think other wise. AGE card of the MS included in the set.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Infinite Stratos : Charlotte Dunois SEGA EX Suit Figure

Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig1 photo Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig1_zpsiqnztt2x.jpg

Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig2 photo Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig2_zpsju42y4s2.jpg

Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig3 photo Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig3_zpsdswzseuh.jpg

 photo Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig4_zpsdftegv90.jpg

Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig5 photo Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig5_zpsaeiq10jz.jpg

 photo Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig6_zpsilmtbrt0.jpg

Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig7 photo Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig7_zpsmfvz2nue.jpg

Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig8 photo Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig8_zpsi0osk5lh.jpg

Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig11 photo Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig11_zpsq11dpsci.jpg

Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig10 photo Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig10_zpsnvl8b2qq.jpg

Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig9 photo Charlotte SEGA EX Suit Fig9_zpsbqvqsxzw.jpg 

Charlotte Dunois (シャルロット デュノア, Sharurotto Dunoa) is a 1st year transfer student, France representative IS candidate at the IS Academy. SEGA released the EX suit figure Charlotte Dunois 
( シャルロット・デュノア ) non-scale PVC prize figure from the light novel/anime “IS (Infinite Stratos)” ( IS 〈インフィニット・ストラトス〉 ). Non-scale standing approximately 17cm. Who won't love prize figure for the affordable prize for a character you adore. Despite the pricing, this gorgeous statue sculpt, managed to portray the character in elegant style. Its hugging IS suit, almost swim suit, showing off Charlotte's figure with bewitching, lean slightly forward pose of adjusting her tights at the butt. Shares a common white round base with IS logo like previous SEGE EX released in academy uniform.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

HGUC MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai (ザク II 改) - Built & Painted

HG Zaku II Kai Pic1 photo HG Zaku II Kai Pic1_zps1ari31rj.jpg

HG Zaku II Kai Pic2 photo HG Zaku II Kai Pic2_zpsrdohncgl.jpg

HG Zaku II Kai Pic3 photo HG Zaku II Kai Pic3_zpswypscsvs.jpg

HG Zaku II Kai Pic4 photo HG Zaku II Kai Pic4_zpsnobcgf1c.jpg

HG Zaku II Kai Pic5 photo HG Zaku II Kai Pic5_zpsof36lsjl.jpg

HG Zaku II Kai Pic6 photo HG Zaku II Kai Pic6_zpsdezrzp0o.jpg

HG Zaku II Kai Pic7 photo HG Zaku II Kai Pic7_zpshp3vslx4.jpg

HG Zaku II Kai Pic8 photo HG Zaku II Kai Pic8_zpsbadwuryr.jpg

HG Zaku II Kai Pic9 photo HG Zaku II Kai Pic9_zpsirazhzzw.jpg

 photo HG Zaku II Kai Pic10_zpsewxmlfbs.jpg

HG Zaku II Kai Pic11 photo HG Zaku II Kai Pic11_zpsvg3euqm0.jpg

HG Zaku II Kai Pic12 photo HG Zaku II Kai Pic12_zpsznifhntq.jpg

HG Zaku II Kai Pic13 photo HG Zaku II Kai Pic13_zpscocpj5g9.jpg 

The MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai (ザク II 改) is one of several variants of the MS-06 Zaku II line of Mobile Suits. Making its appearance in the '0080 War in the Pocket Mobile Suit Gundam' OVA which tells a tragic love story. Stanley told me he watched the anime when he was a kid and he cried at the end of the anime. This HGUC kit has become rather rare these days and this review is from Kenny's collection, nicely built and painted. Kenny's choice is Zaku II Kai - B type is also reproducible by the replacement of the head. The B-type has a Nazi soldier helmet style. Weapons included Heat Hawk, 90mm machine gun and 3-slot Grenade Rack (Red). MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai, meaning modification in English, improved in acceleration and redesigned and improved cockpit, a general appearance of a more armoured Zaku II. The traditional shoulder shield and spikes remains. 

A known pilot to this MS is Bernard Wiseman in the anime '0080 War in the Pocket Mobile Suit Gundam'. This kit is likewise an improvement over the original Zaku II HG release! With more flexibility in the hip joints to allow for more dynamic posing as well as the new 90mm machinegun, this kit is made to reflect those positive changes. It also comes with the Zaku-standard heat hawk, so any fan of Zeon suits will not be disappointed with this one. A sheet of foil stickers and a Zeon marking sticker are provided to add detail to the completed model.


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