Sunday, 24 July 2016

Armarauders‬: EF-JAT-47FG ‪‎Bellerophon‬ (Cam's Custom) Deluxe Edition

The box is huge!!!!
First saw the prototype exhibited @ STGCC two years back and finally owned it after a long wait. I totally love the mecha design that came closed to Robotech. 

The pricing is pretty premium like what we would pay for Hot Toys, but buying EF-JAT-47FG ‪‎Bellerophon‬ (Cam's Custom) Deluxe Edition is really worth it as it came tons of accessories and some well made that IMHO, this is one of the best toy I had bought. The figure is heavy with plenty of die-cast. Moreover, the figure was so well painted and looked like air sprayed by pro modeller. 

Tall figure that stands approximately 9", which meant it towered over most of my Master Grade Gundam. The figure is amazingly nimble, very humanoid with 70 points of articulations. Unlike many toys, the accessories held up well to the figure and did not fell apart easily. 

The toy packed with gimmicks like missile hatches opened to reveal the missiles within that that shared similarities with Macross VF-1J Great Battroid Pack GBP.

Full Gear Bellerophon: Cam’s Special, and it will come equipped with custom full gear armor, fully articulated arms, legs, feet and hands, the sized-to-scale pilot as well as a detailed and sturdy docking stand from which to display the Bellerophon.

I also like the fact that the toy came with a small pilot that fitted into the cockpit at the chest. Reminded me of 80's toys like Starcom and M.A.S.K

The pilot even had a jetpack and rifle. 

It's not called deluxe pack for nothing! The pilot even came with a clear stand that used clip or peg to hold the pilot pose like Cam is floating. 

Figure goes down to kneeling pose without difficulty

Melee weapon from the alien tribe

One of the most impressive features is the fingers. Full points of articulation with no problem from holding weapons to clenching fist. Scrapped off the concept of optional hands!

With simple assembling of pillars and platform, we have the docking station! It also served as a stand for the heavy figure. Very sturdy docking station that allows you to make minor adjustments to how you want the dock station to look like. I think the caution straps looks good however I feel that the choice of colour for dock station seems awkward. 

The helmet of ‪‎Bellerophon can be swapped with a clear part if you like to see the brain matter. lolz.

Mecha Workshop is proud to announce an all-new line of action figures featuring the Bellerophon mech. Think of the Bellerophon similar the RX-78 from the original Mobile Suit Gundam. It will function as the core design, the “skeleton” of the Armarauders figures and will have interchangeable add-ons that can connect with and customize future toys. In a war against an alien threat that spans the galaxy, a soldier must adapt, alter, and conform as needed in order to survive and prevail. Named after the hero of Greek mythology who slew the monstrous Chimera, the Bellerophon is designed to function as a multi-purpose and highly mobile infantry unit—an ultra-advanced mech that serves as both grunt and warhorse against the onslaught of a relentless enemy. With the addition of specially designed optional equipment, the Bellerophon serves as a “jack of all trades” on the battlefield, and can be called upon to serve on a wide range of specialty missions.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Katsuden & Family @ Chara Expo 2016

Ultraman "Meet and Greet"

12" Hero's Meister Ultraman with light-up forearms

Adorable Ultrakaiju Humanization Project! 

Bandai Merchandises of anime 'Active Raid'. I have yet to watch but it kind of reminds me of 'Blassreiters'

Gundam Booth

Model kits and some with diorama on display at Bandai booth

Super Saiyan @ Tamashii Nation

'The Garden of Sinners' 1/7 scale Shiki Ryougi on display @ Aniplex booth

Glad to learn that 'Sword Art Online' movie - Ordinal Scale,  will be out next year 2017

Exclusive life-sized placard of SAO Asuna and Kirito design for Singapore and Indonesia - Asuna in Singapore Airline stewardess attire. 

Katsuden & Family @ Chara Expo 2016 next week! Instead of being a Lone Ranger, I'm making this year's Chara Expo a family affair, table for five. We were lucky to be welcomed with Ultraman "Meet and Greet" the moment we stepped in and I'm attracted to the robotic looking 12" Hero's Meister Ultraman and Ultrakaiju Humanization Project! Nice concept! My kiddos especially the boys, probably less-appreciate anime stuffs however they were keen to try out free games at Namco and shooting game 'Sushi Police' while my daughter was busily filling up survey for freebies.. Lolz.. They did received some free comic books along the way. I enjoyed reading those comics with backstory of 3rd generation Meijin - Gundam Build Fighters ... By the way, children below 12 years old gets to enter for free. 

Wifee had much attachment to Sailormoon but the price of the wand had put her plan to stop. Anyway, she paid a lot of attention to Doreamon booth too! As for me, I like the warm atmosphere of cosplayers passing by and the carnival mood in the air. Glad to learn that 'Sword Art Online' movie - Ordinal Scale,  will be out next year 2017. My daughter on the other hand wanted more of 'Love Live!', too bad we ain'y able to to catch the free 'Love Live! The School Idol Movie' screening. The Gundam booth there is pretty grand, unfortunately I'm already Gundam saturated after the recent 'Singapore Gunpla Expo 2016'. Still, I find those Nexstyle deformed Gundam pretty attractive. Didn't brought along my "Little Red" DSLR camera this time round to focus my attention on interaction with my family. Relying on mobile phone journalism and using photography apps to disguise picture flaws.. No cosplayers pic and I hope to redeem myself with pics of two kawaii plus sporting promoters, one at game booth and the other from survey booth ^_^


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