Saturday, 24 January 2015

Master Stars Piece Vegeta ベジータ Figure

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic1 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic1_zpsad1cc08f.jpg

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic2 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic2_zpsd3ecc164.jpg

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic3 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic3_zps9c3721dc.jpg

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic4 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic4_zpsce08907b.jpg

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic5 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic5_zps8c32ee1e.jpg

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic6 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic6_zps74f734cd.jpg

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic7 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic7_zpsf39de0a6.jpg

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic13 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic13_zps46d81bd1.jpg

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic8 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic8_zpscb88323a.jpg

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic9 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic9_zpsd519d1cc.jpg

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic10 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic10_zps668dbfcf.jpg

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic11 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic11_zps89294764.jpg

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic12 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic12_zps502525d8.jpg

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic14 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic14_zpsd2efa4bb.jpg

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic15 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic15_zps453033bc.jpg

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic16 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic16_zps9f2adb9b.jpg

Master Stars Piece Vegeta Pic17 photo MasterStarsPieceVegetaPic17_zps5a8d7bef.jpg 

Packed with awesomeness with Master Stars Banpresto toyline of Vegeta ベジータ statue, standing tall @ approximately 22cm. The statue doesn't come with a stand base, but it stands on its own without problems, beside it's heavy and sturdy. My first encounter was Kuroko Tetsuya figure and hoping Banpresto would devote itself to this toyline. Another fact to commit in this figure is the competitive price and outstanding quality, which in my opinion, anime merchandise should be kept an affordable range.

Not so much emphasis on the quantity of the packaging as the covered box is pretty thin with cardboard filling to maintain the integrity of the box. The toy are packed in seal plastic, upon opening, the figure would be completed after simple assembly. Paint was excellent and amazing sculpt with resemblance it portrays the prince of Saiyan. Badass expression of Vegeta's cocky-ness and amazing pose thats ready to take on his opponent. A timeline to Vegeta back from solo training, discarded those Saiyan armor, fighting against Cell with just thighs.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Gundam 0080 - HGUC 1/144 GM Sniper II

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic1 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic1_zps97833594.jpg
HGUC 1/144 GM Sniper II Boxart

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic2 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic2_zpsfa356c90.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic3 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic3_zps5cede163.jpg
Left Robot Damashii and right 1/144 GM Sniper II

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic4 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic4_zps2cf1f95e.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic5 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic5_zpsd613b40d.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic6 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic6_zps301dec80.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic7 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic7_zpsc0c8c411.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic9 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic9_zps566e5955.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic10 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic10_zps890cb843.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic8 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic8_zps2f47ae9b.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic11 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic11_zps5cebb7f7.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic12 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic12_zpsdcec38b7.jpg
Kit came exclusively with a RH-35E Draken manned

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic13 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic13_zps9d5a5784.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic14 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic14_zpsa83a47ec.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic18 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic18_zps096c486c.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic17 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic17_zpsf8982cc9.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic16 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic16_zpsad4d44f2.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic19 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic19_zps79cbe82f.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic15 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic15_zps9b2c88a1.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic20 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic20_zpsdbaa62be.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic21 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic21_zps2436049c.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic23 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic23_zps81066a70.jpg

HGUC GM Sniper II Pic22 photo HGUCGMSniperIIPic22_zps1396cb06.jpg 

One of my favourite and definitely an amazing Gunpla to acquire, even after having a Robot Damashii version of this grunt unit featured in the Gundam OVA 0080 U.C (War In A Pocket). I have put the toy and Gunpla side by side for a comparison, of course the kit had been touch-up. A MS from the 'Scarlet Team', this kit came exclusively with a RH-35E Draken manned for reconnaissance purposes I guess. Draken came with 2 sets of arms, one is pair are normal with fingers and other machinery like forceps for loading/unloading. The Draken resemble more of construction bot in my opinion. It's an awesome addition and definitely value add the Gunpla.  

GM Sniper, having one of the sexiest mecha design an grunt unit can offer, taking the design of GM Command and modified to sniper type, which the kit incorporated the adjustable sniper scope visor and that long sniping rifle. Also all the necessary weapons such as the 90mm machine gun and 2 beam sabers (attached to the rear hip) are included. Well balance and excellent articulation for a HG kit with no problem posing (even in kneeling) the MS in sniping poses with wide range shoulder joints and unique hand for holding the rifle.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

The 90s Comic Shop - Saint James Book Store

 photo IMG_4852_zps54ff94cb.jpg

 photo IMG_4853_zps0fa0e243.jpg

 photo IMG_4856_zpsa5a25a12.jpg

 photo IMG_4854_zpsffce5477.jpg

 photo IMG_4855_zps9ac3985f.jpg

 photo IMG_4857_zps6ae939dc.jpg

 photo IMG_4861_zpsaf8883c2.jpg

 photo IMG_4860_zps7d597c1c.jpg

 photo IMG_4859_zpsabb9d2cf.jpg

 photo IMG_4858_zps62a7c7b0.jpg

 photo IMG_4862_zpsa3916800.jpg

 photo IMG_4863_zps38231d0d.jpg

 photo IMG_4866_zps0fccad09.jpg

 photo IMG_4864_zpsb6b41941.jpg

 photo IMG_4867_zps3876afd6.jpg

 photo IMG_4868_zps692a5fde.jpg

 photo IMG_4869_zps49d55ecd.jpg

 photo IMG_4865_zps079378a0.jpg

 photo IMG_4870_zpsac5016ca.jpg

 photo IMG_4871_zpsbafb8dd9.jpg

 photo IMG_4872_zps7620bcf6.jpg

 photo IMG_4873_zpsaab63931.jpg

 photo IMG_4874_zps51545172.jpg 

Today's story is not about Saint James Power House but the type comic shop we once knew 'Saint James Book Store'. To my astonishment and overwhelming to find the last few surviving hobby shop of nostalgia, jurassically existing and you bet I had some surprises found @ Saint James Book Store located at level one, Katong Shopping Centre #01-54/55. I only thought this old shopping centre provides maid agencies till I went to the there for Karaoke session with friends. 

Strong atmosphere of hobby store in the 90s carrying Taiwanese romance novels 言情小說, Chinese comic of kungfu nature 武俠小說 like 风云,Japanese manga translated in mandarin 漫畫 and children story/activity books. The stuffs that really caught my eyes are those vintage toys and awesome display of painted resin and vinyl figurines. Some of these DIY relics were almost extinct which are gems we had missed out previously. I certainly found my treasure... If you have some time to spare, try talking to boss which I did and you will get to know how this pop culture pioneered in Singapore.


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