Saturday, 25 June 2016

1/8 Scale NaTYHb Cy66oTa - Latune Subbota Figure

What a weird name to start with which I don't know really know how should I pronounce her name. A character figure from SRW better known as 'Super Robot Wars' OG Original Generation. Seriously, I know very little of this character as I got the figure in a bundle deal. NaTYHb Cy66oTa is Russian and her name translated as Latune Subbota or some may pronounced it as Latooni Subbota. Definitely an unlikely youngest pilot in the game and anime @ such young age of 14-year-old, already trained to operate several machines such as the Gespenst MK II M, Wild Raubtie, Wild Falken R. Please don't not underestimate her as she's hold the rank of Lieutenant in Earth Federation Army and well-versed with martial art. 

It's hard to imagine that she's still wearing dolly dress and holding onto a plush toy. Latin Subbota is a playable character in the game and also featured in the anime. 1/8 scale pre-painted figure by SOLID WORKS and sculpted by Mr. Toukaimura Genpachi. However within those big eyes hide an extremely withdrawn personality, suffering from androphobia and depression, as NaTYHb Cy66oTa - Latune Subbota rarely talking to anyone. The suffocating plush bunny by handcuff probably expressed her feeling. Figure material are ABS and PVC and the chain to the bunny is metal.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

1/100 Scale Gundam Akatsuki Non Bandai Gao Gao

I could not find the original Non-Grade NG kit of this shiny Gundam some I settled with the China made Gao Gao for the time being. The MS is initially built in secret for Cagalli Yula Athha using the "Oowashi" Sky Pack, and later by Mu La Flaga using the "Shiranui" Space Pack. Akatsuki Gundam is remembered for reflecting beam especially the epic moment of shielding Archangel carrier. There is still a lot of bling to this knockoff though the chrome seems thicker and more inferior. Classic example of "beauty from far" and "far from beauty". 

Minimum touch up needed since the kit is entirely chrome, no panel line drawn as the ink from marker can't stay on the ultra smooth surface. Shiranui backpack system made for space use, equipped with seven M531R Remote Control Beam Cannon Systems that are similar to the 1st generation Dragoon System. The whole idea came from Fin Funnel System adopted by Universal Timeline. All DRAGOON pods can separate from Shiranui pack while Oowashi pack contains deployable rail guns. Oowashi Aerial Backpack, allows the MS, an atmospheric flight capabilities.. Armed with two beam cannons, the Sky Pack is capable of separating from the mobile suit and transforming into a separate fighter aircraft. A display base is included however the base is rather narrow and tends to topple.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Fate/Stay Night 1/7 Scale Archer Figure

"I have a secret that I haven't told you... I'm a mage" Three years after the death of his foster-father, strange events begin happening in town and he finds himself drawn into a battle between the Magi called 'Master'". It's printed on the box to give you a rough idea of the anime. How cool is this hero of the future? Non poseable, 1/7 scale (22cm) by Enterbrain in 2006, definitely one of the first premium Archer figures that's so highly sought for, till recently releases by 'Good Smile'. 'Good Smile' had released figures of the three protagonists in this timeline, mainly Archer, Saber and Rin. Sculpted by FrenchDoll (CerberusProject) using PVC and ABS material. 

The box housing of the figure come in a concept of book with the cover held by Velcro to flip open to see the content inside. Excellently posed in half squat, V-shape body turning with willowing cloak effect, makes it brilliant looking from whichever edge. Well-sculpt handsome facial, tan toned complexion and sharp eyes. Nicely painted with shadings at curves and contours. Archer wields his pair of forged knifes aka Kanshou and Bakuya. Both with yin-yang crest, Bakuya the chrome blade and Kanshou a titanium with hexagonal pattern. Figure comes with a greyish oval plastic base which I rather not use it since the figure is able to hold up on its own. Pleased to have another Fate/Stay Night hero added into my collection. "I am the bone of my sword. Unknown to death. Nor known to life."


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