Sunday, 16 June 2019

Toynami Calibre Toys Robotech Anniversary Exclusive VF Veritech Fighter VF-1S

Protecting Earth from alien conquest has never been more adorable. Toy-maker Toynami in collaboration with Calibre Toy unleashed their lineup of exclusive items for an awesome Robotech get a chibi makeover fighter of a cool super-deformed STGCC Exclusive during 30th Anniversary of Robotech in 2015! It's a mighty 3" action figure. Non transformable but has remarkable details like the translucent visor, 3D skull insignia and markings. Stands proudly and blends with my other VF-1S kits and figures. The highly revered Skull Leader VF-1S STGCC Exclusive  in military gray.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Tenchi wo Kurau - Destiny of an Emperor NES

Although this title may seem unheard off by many, Tenchi wo Kurau 天地を喰らう aka Destiny of an Emperor is definitely one of my most played and favourite game on NES. Destiny of an Emperor is the English translated game version of 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms' manga aka Tenchi wo Kurau "The Devouring of Heaven and Earth". The game uniquely explores and tells the story of ROTK, following through the journey of Liu Bei and his comrades in RPG perspective. 

I have revisited this game by getting the game cartridge on eBay and a reproduction of the box with artwork sleeve. There is also the Japanese version of the game however the game play is a lot more enjoyable when understanding the language. Moreover, I love listening to the theme game as a kid and tune is certainly unforgettable after long hours of playing. 

Liu Bei meets a beautiful giant heavenly being in heaven, and she gives him the power to conquer the country. He meets and swears to be brothers with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Destiny of an Emperor is based on Hiroshi Motomiya's manga, Tenchi wo Kurau, which follows the story of Chinese historical figure Liu Bei and his sworn brothers, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu. This story is loosely based upon the events in the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which itself was based on historical events and battles which occurred before and during the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Patlabor - 1/60 Scale MPL97S Python Labor (Built & Painted)

A glimpse of MPL97S Python Labor during the first episode of  Patlabor TV series ...

Emblem of Special Vehicle Divisional 1

The kit stands approximately 15cm, almost the same size as CMS labor

If you ask me, I would say the MPL97S Python Labor is a GM in the universal of Patlabor and shared  similar ill fate of outdated, replaced and outclassed. Don't worry Python, your design is loved by me and I hope we are comrades around who share the same sentiments. Anyway, there is no shame to be overtaken by Shinohara’s Ingram! Python was assigned to Special Vehicle Divisional 1 and see little action either caught in traffic jam or on standby. Beside the visor head, I do like the Python labor as it has a design that resemble the riot Police. 

Till date, I have only come across this labor as a toy under the 'Cloth Gear System' and this 1/60 scale soft vinyl kit. Took me long enough to finally own a finished product of this kit. The kit stands approximately 15cm  (almost the same size as CMS labor) when completed with limited articulation (mainly the swivel arms, head and slight movement to the legs). Still, I prefer this kit over the 'Cloth Gear System' toy as the kit looks less bulky and seemingly more proportional and anime accurate. 

This kit is close to 30-year-old therefore the posability is seriously limited. Its major shortcomings is  those stiff hands that hardly holds anything. I managed to savage the Police shield from 'Cloth Gear System' toy for this kit and I'm still on a look out for a Police baton of the right size.  

Friday, 7 June 2019

SG Collectors Mini Flea Market on 2nd June 2019 @ Old Habits Cafe (After Thoughts)

Strong nostalgia and photo buffet @ Old Habits Cafe last Sunday! What's more is the collaboration with SG Collectors Mini Flea Market on robot theme certainly drew the crowd. I was able to enjoy my caramel chicken and rootbeer float surrounded by vintage toys and exotic stuffs (Journey to the West action figures with chrome weapons - that's unusual). The dishes are served onto old-school sewing machine with acrylic casing filled with memorabilia. How cool is it! 

The event had turned the quiet town of Telok Blangah Rise to a vibrant market place for robot toy lovers. This is the second event hosted by Old Habits Cafe and I will be looking forward for more on different theme, maybe on anime (just a suggestion).  Thank you Donovan and organisers for the invite and congratulations to you guys for the successful event. I truly enjoyed it. Feels like back to the days of Clarke Quay flea market.  
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