Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Otaku Tachi - Anime Toy Shop

 photo IMG_4969_zpsup8jgy8c.jpg

 photo IMG_4925_zpsodbgxj3c.jpg

 photo IMG_4929_zpsvultnjut.jpg

 photo IMG_4934_zpsemozlclb.jpg

 photo IMG_4933_zpsvz0fnb5v.jpg

 photo IMG_4930_zpsxsnwrlvp.jpg

 photo IMG_4932_zpsca5tpc4y.jpg

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 photo IMG_4937_zpsca8bbzfk.jpg 

Had gone downtown inching for hobby finds and notices a new geek shop 'Otachi Tachi' (well the staff told me they had been around for a few months though) with a recent selection of anime merchandises ranging from Bishoujo, posters, T-shirts, Nendoroids to key straps. I made some enquiries from the friendly staff who informed that the shop was around since last year. Their stuffs are up-to-date the staff knows her product well. They take pre-order as well ^_^ Checkout those neat and kawaii displays. 

 Address: 91 Bencoolen Street, Sunshine Plaza #01-32 Singapore 189652

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Hobby Art Workshop Group-Build Gundam Build Fighters Theme

 photo IMG_6050_zps9e2aynsh.jpg

 photo IMG_6002_zps6caxbfyu.jpg
Entry by Wilson and friends

 photo IMG_6010_zpsrbga8mdc.jpg

 photo IMG_6007_zpsykecqbch.jpg

 photo IMG_6013_zpsr6hjhk8s.jpg

 photo IMG_6006_zpsondtqegb.jpg

 photo IMG_6011_zpspejwnrh3.jpg

 photo IMG_6024_zpswmmwlthm.jpg

 photo IMG_6018_zpsmcxpb3fm.jpg

 photo IMG_6022_zpsb4rrf4vh.jpg

 photo IMG_6028_zpsxrrccrmu.jpg

 photo IMG_6023_zpslum7reat.jpg

 photo IMG_6019_zpsrpqc2mys.jpg

 photo IMG_6031_zps10kiimri.jpg

 photo IMG_6036_zps1rucvnzf.jpg

 photo IMG_6040_zpszohe65do.jpg

 photo IMG_6046_zps6lv5ndlp.jpg

 photo IMG_6048_zpsv884wkzl.jpg

 photo IMG_6049_zps05h7ga1g.jpg

 photo IMG_6055_zpsysckc4ma.jpg

 photo IMG_6054_zpssyziyvgl.jpg

 photo IMG_6045_zpsxpt2nwzs.jpg

Pics credited to Wilson when he feed us with the event happening @ Hobby Art Workshop the group build theme on the ongoing and highly popular 'Gundam Build Fighters'... Season 2 'Gundam Build Fighters Try'. Man! I'm missing a lot of recent Gunpla events and thankfully to Wilson, we get to see some of these well crafted Gunpla. Wilson sure is dedicated to Gunpla building with his participation in 'Visor Gathering' and now 'Hobby Art Workshop Group-Build Gundam Build Fighters' in such short intervals. Talk about speed building... He's entry this time round which I casually called it 'Build Burning Gundam vs Nemesis Burning Gundam' stands proud with effect parts and diorama. Wilson once shown us his entry under UV lighting and it was amazing! Other entries which I especially like would the the diorama of Build Burning Gundam together with Star Build Strike Gundam highlighting both the protagonists Gundam of both Gundam Build Fighters season 1 and 2. Lastly, the diorama of the three Ez-SR team for visor ecstasy ^_^

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Banpresto Zaku II F2 DX High Scale Model Figure

Banpresto Zaku II F2 DX High Scale model Figure 1 photo BanprestoZakuIIF2DXHighScalemodelFigure1_zps0b2b5baa.jpg

Banpresto Zaku II F2 DX High Scale model Figure 2 photo BanprestoZakuIIF2DXHighScalemodelFigure2_zps7c9d731b.jpg
I had taken a pic of the figure before touch up

 photo 2bd60264-3d3e-4512-ad9c-ef888c8d7951_zps6807a2bc.jpg

Banpresto Zaku II F2 DX High Scale model Figure 4 photo BanprestoZakuIIF2DXHighScalemodelFigure4_zpsd833d11d.jpg

Banpresto Zaku II F2 DX High Scale model Figure 5 photo BanprestoZakuIIF2DXHighScalemodelFigure5_zpse22ef59a.jpg

Banpresto Zaku II F2 DX High Scale model Figure 6 photo BanprestoZakuIIF2DXHighScalemodelFigure6_zpse38cba22.jpg

Banpresto Zaku II F2 DX High Scale model Figure 7 photo BanprestoZakuIIF2DXHighScalemodelFigure7_zps044630c9.jpg

Banpresto Zaku II F2 DX High Scale model Figure 8 photo BanprestoZakuIIF2DXHighScalemodelFigure8_zps4d19d71f.jpg

Banpresto Zaku II F2 DX High Scale model Figure 9 photo BanprestoZakuIIF2DXHighScalemodelFigure9_zpsf0131939.jpg

Banpresto Zaku II F2 DX High Scale model Figure 10 photo BanprestoZakuIIF2DXHighScalemodelFigure10_zpsdd7fbf45.jpg

DX high scale Model MS-06F2 ZAKU II Figure Of Zeon that was previously owned by me. I had gave up this piece after having the MG Gunpla. A non-posable 1/100 Scale figure by Banpresto in 2008 as prize item I supposed. What attracted me was the enlarged armor on the shoulders and legs. The sculpt is neat and sharp. One obvious flaw would be the rifle is made of ABS and it tends to bend. Well, the solution is hot water or hair dryer treatment again. I had to do is using panel lining and additional Zeon water-slide decals. Also a norm for me to end with a matte top coat. For spraying top-coat using epoxy spray can, it's good to keep a distance of 20cm between nozzle and item. I had taken a pic of the figure before touch up for comparison.


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