Saturday, 16 June 2018

Dragon Ball DBZ Super Saiyan Modified & Custom Painted (HQDX Bardock)

Modified from High Quality Deluxe (HQDX) Bardock by Banpresto

It's strange that there isn't a 6"(17cm) complete figure (statue) of Super Saiyan Bardock being released yet and by far the closest is Shodo 5 Super Saiyan Bardock Candy Toy Figure however its small size makes it less than appealing to me. I'm referring to when Bardock blasting through his limit break to become  the first legendary Super Saiyan. 

Probably Banpresto or Bandai would eventually release one what I sure wouldn't want to wait any longer. Luckily for me, I have managed to get this modified & custom painted figure  of High Quality Deluxe (HQDX) Bardock by Banpresto around 2005. Of course I'm not the modeller of this intriguing figure but just a collector who appreciate the fine works. 

From my observation, the main modification is replacing the head with the super saiyan hair, the red hair band and scar on his left cheek. Very awesome face expression of Bardock right death stare with that really pissed off look just like Saiyan uses rage to transform to super saiyan. Not much done to the main body I guess except some small holes drilled to accommodate the those blue wavy custom effect parts surrounding him. The yellow aura is the use of Bandai's effect parts and lastly, the base  is been sprayed with yellow with orangish shading. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere - Jizuri Suzaku Figure + Horizon Ariadust Figure

Jizuri Suzaku (地摺朱雀 printed on the box)

With Horizon Ariadust trading figure

Jizuri Suzaku's foot is of high heel and hawk-like-claw toes

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere is a Japanese light novel and I was exposed to the anime a few years back. In the anime, there are all sorts of characters with different special abilities from knight fantasy to mecha. Basically the plot and multiple characters are at times be kind of complicated. Nonetheless story is set in the distant future when Japan has been conquered by other countries and divided up into feudal territories. This is the only mecha aka "God of War" being produced as a figure among those few mecha appearance in the anime.

The Jizuri Suzaku (地摺朱雀 printed on the box) is one of the notably flamboyant God of War mecha and Naomasa's custom God of War which she uses for combat. It is considered to be the "pride and joy" of the Musashi Engineering Club where Naomasa works and lives assisted by her mechanica right arm. The feminine prominent boobs design of the mecha is one of the contributing factors why I settle for this figure. We don't have many female mecha toy in 17 cm, available in the market and all thanks to MegaHouse's Variable Action line, I'm able to get this oddity in 3D. Jizuri Suzaku's foot is of high heel and hawk-like-claw toes.

Other feminine attributes includes the mecha's long brown hair, pink/black skirt and golden ribbons. Jizuri Suzaku looks like having a head dress of tennis player hat and possessed an unusual melee weapon of giant wrench. What's more, the well articulated figure comes with four pairs of optional hand, extra willowing hair to replicate Jizuri Suzaku's moving scene and also posing base stand.

The Horizon Ariadust trading figure is not included, I bought it for photography. A cybernetic doll that works at the Blue Thunder bakery. She strongly resembles a girl killed ten years ago. As an automaton, P-01s is unable to portray emotions by using facial expressions and she demonstrates perfect logical thinking.