Thursday, 28 August 2014

LINE Plush Toys ( Moon Brown Cony )

LINE Plush Toys Pic1 photo LINEPlushToysPic1_zps1192fb8d.jpg

LINE Plush Toys Pic2 photo LINEPlushToysPic2_zpscf9af4e2.jpg
Adorable goes to Cony the rabbit 

LINE Plush Toys Pic3 photo LINEPlushToysPic3_zps9a8b9710.jpg
Loving is Brown the bear

LINE Plush Toys Pic4 photo LINEPlushToysPic4_zpsb1c807da.jpg
Mr Moon with head of a Moon

LINE Plush Toys Pic5 photo LINEPlushToysPic5_zps1ed85d03.jpg

LINE Plush Toys Pic6 photo LINEPlushToysPic6_zps5dd3768b.jpg

LINE Plush Toys Pic7 photo LINEPlushToysPic7_zps6b42a875.jpg

LINE Plush Toys Pic8 photo LINEPlushToysPic8_zpse53414db.jpg

LINE Plush Toys Pic9 photo LINEPlushToysPic9_zpse153a187.jpg 

Are you a LINE App user? It's similar to Watapps, in a more relax and leisure way. The most interesting component of LINE would surely be those Emoji-like pics known as "Stickers". Uniquely to LINE are some iconic characters like Mr Moon, Brown the bear and Cony the rabbit, in different expressions to describe your current mood. LINE had proven very useful as Guild Chat when I was playing 'Immortalis' on iPhone back then. These cutie plush toys were gift from a close friend when he returned from his Japan trip. They are good for display as well as armaments hung on bags.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Countdown To .... Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention ... STGCC 2014

STGCC 2014 Pic1 photo STGCC2014Pic1_zps0277a649.jpg STGCC 2014 Pic2 photo STGCC2014Pic2_zps31358ef7.png

STGCC 2014 Pic4 photo STGCC2014Pic4_zps1d810b77.png

STGCC 2014 Pic5 photo STGCC2014Pic5_zpsea5467fc.jpg

STGCC 2014 Pic6 photo STGCC2014Pic5A_zpscdd49267.png

STGCC 2014 Pic7 photo STGCC2014Pic6_zpsce6d63d3.jpg

STGCC 2014 Pic8 photo STGCC2014Pic7_zpsec1529fb.jpg

 photo STGCC2014Pic8_zpsbecf3574.jpg

STGCC 2014 Falcons Hangar Exclusive photo STGCC2014FalconsHangarExclusive_zpsbb0b0ea0.jpg

More FH Exclusives photo STGCCFH_zps326daeb0.jpg

STGCC 2014 Ironman Peacemaker XXXVI photo IronManPeacemakerXXXVI_zps024bf418.jpeg
Can try participating in the Blind Draw for Hot Toys MMS258 - Iron Man 3: 1/6th scale Peacemaker (Mark XXXVI). Here's the link 

Katsuden is going to STGCC 2014 happening this 6th to 7th September, again at Marina Bay Sands. From the floor plan, it seems like we are looking @ major exhibitor like Hot Toys, Bandai, Enterbay and XM Studio (Statue). Of course, there are many other participants to wow us! It's a norm for HT fans for their annual event exclusives like 1/6th scale Python (Mark XX), The Dark Knight 16th scale The Joker (Bank Robber Version 2.0) and AVP 16th scale Ancient Predator Collectible Figure. I'm also delighted to learn that there will be some anime and manga merchandises from Bandai Tamashi Nation, Good Smile and Banpresto Kuji (Test your luck in lucky dip)! I am keen to know about Gundam Duel Company which is making an appearance during STGCC 2014!It's an event and gathering of toy designers and comic artists with some exclusives that can only be procured their booths. Falcons' Hangar will also be there with Hasbro Exclusive Transformers 30th Anniversary Knights of Unicorn Set! FH has never failed to entice me with toys! Toys! Toys! For more news and updates, please refer to STGCC official website. Good day and I'll cya soon!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Gundam 00: 1/400 Scale Ptolemaios

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic1 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic1_zps27403cf8.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic2 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic2_zpsb35a7cc0.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic3 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic3_zpsea07e9c7.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic4 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic4_zps2524e1a8.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic5 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic5_zpsfcf6bd3f.jpg
Sticker for the command bridge came black so I had painted chrome green 

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic6 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic6_zps26421e5a.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic7 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic7_zpsc110b2a6.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic8 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic8_zps1b1db7cb.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic9 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic9_zpsd6209346.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic10 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic10_zps5769995d.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic11 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic11_zps71aef230.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic12 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic12_zpsf3f62d53.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic13 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic13_zps453d238f.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic14 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic14_zpse1e3d2e2.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic15 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic15_zps9782f83a.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic16 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic16_zps9a56be6a.jpg
Nose of Ptolemaios can open up with flip over and attachment ram for recreation of anime scene of Gundam Exia catapulting off

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic17 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic17_zps74d78050.jpg
1/400 Gundam 00 Ptolemaios was released in November in line with the introduction of Gundam Figure. 

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic18 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic18_zps206b2e96.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic19 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic19_zps2112abe4.jpg
Each figure can be stored in their own shuttle with opening/closing hatch. 

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic20 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic20_zps751cb17b.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic21 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic21_zpsfb4fb53b.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic22 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic22_zpsa73a6b28.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic23 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic23_zpsed5ca3aa.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic24 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic24_zps63a1280b.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic25 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic25_zps18ab66ea.jpg
Each shuttle can also detached from a revolvable ring around the Ptolemaios

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic26 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic26_zps20fae020.jpg
In the anime, the shuttle would become GN Arms for the Gundam

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic27 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic27_zpsd9646caa.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic28 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic28_zps4472ed67.jpg

1/400 Ptolemaios Pic29 photo 1400PtolemaiosPic29_zps1bede824.jpg 

This is one of those carrier model kit which I had gave serious consideration of getting but forgave due to space constraint. Nonetheless, I had invested my money on a Playstation 3. Still is gave me great pleasure of reviewing Stanley's 1/400 Gundam 00 Ptolemaios Model Kits. Says on the box that it's a preprinted kit. It come with some stickers as well. Unfortunately, the sticker for the command bridge was black so I had painted chrome green over it. My apologies for the not some even surface. 

According to Stanley, the model itself was easy to put together when assembly duration of less than 3 hours and holds together very well, apart for the mechanism at the nose area. With an astonishing size of 630mm in length when assembled, it's a beautiful on display and worthy purchase which probably cost 300 plus Singapore dollars by now. 

1/400 Gundam 00 Ptolemaios was released in November in line with the introduction of Gundam Figure. Included in the set is miniature figures of Gundam Exia, Gundam Dynames, Gundam Kyrios (flight form), Gundam Virtue. Each figure can be stored in their own shuttle with opening/closing hatch. Each shuttle can also detached from a revolvable ring around the Ptolemaios. 

In additional, the first batch that was released came with a transparent shuttle for more elusive effect. In the anime, these shuttles would become GN Arms for the Gundams. Another gimmick of the model kit is the mechanism at the carrier's nose which can open up with flip over and attachment ram for recreation of anime scene of Gundam units catapulting off.

(Model kit is courtesy of Stanley. Thank you)


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