Sunday, 23 July 2017

M577 APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) - NECA Die-Cast Vehicle

Decided on having a movie replica such as NECA Cinemachines Series, M577 APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) 5" die-cast vehicle as I'm a big fan of the movie 'Aliens' since I was a kid. Such simplicity yet captivating for an inspiring futuristic armoured car concept of the 80s. This is probably my first NECA toy because I'm not much of a western movie toys follower though I like watching Sci-fi movies however their merchandises are usually not the thing for me. I guess this piece is just too attractive to me. 

If you have watched the movie, M577 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) is a troop transport used by the United States Colonial Marine Corps, sent to moon to investigate the cause of sudden lost contact from moon colony. It's a cool moment in the movie when the group of gungho marines boarded the vehicle which later transported into combat aboard the UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship. 

The packaging is quite typical, still it's nice that the toy come in a box with window to see the actual toy. The printing has the vehicle in scan graphic with the specifications data. It also has pics of the other replicas from the movie which I would most consider UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship if I'm to get another toy from this toyline. The toy is licensed under Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and gave credit to those responsible for the toy from Director: Randy Falk, Design/Development: Thomas Gwyn, Paint: Jon Wardell and Geoffrey Trapp, Photography: Stephen Mazurek and Packaging: Chris Longo. 

The toy weighs rather heavy especially the top chassis of the vehicle mainly die-cast while the undercarriage, made of plastic. The paint job is pretty decent with matte military green with light greyish weatherings. The vehicle's lights were painted and you see other details like the wordings and numbering on the vehicle which all combined give the toy a realistic feel. The smaller turret in front can turn covering the vehicle's forward arc, traversing between 60 degrees left and right of axis. 

The best gimmick of this toy is really the main turret, mounted on the roof of the vehicle. Just like what is seen on the movie, the turret can be adjusted down the rear of the vehicle to enter the tunnel, clearing the height limit. You may need to take extra caution moving the turret due to the fragile nature of the mechanism. I broke the plastic stand that contact the turret to the vehicle. Good thing I managed to repair it by unscrewing the vehicle from the bottom and replaced the broken part with steel screw for stronger enforcement.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Transformers Robot in Disguise Optimus Prime Happy Meal Toy

Transformers Robot in Disguise Optimus Prime Happy Meal Toy It's had been quite up tight the past 2 weeks, not to mention busying with photo migration when 'Photobucket' dropped a bomb shell for charging me link pics to my blog. The fact that I had to migrate my pics (more than 16000) and re-posting those pics dated back to 2009. That was frustrating! Thankfully, I was able to pull it off with minimal pics lost in the process. Wifee was nice to comfort me and even got me this Happy Meal Toy to cheer u up! It's a amazing that sometimes, a little kind gesture can have so much impart on me. 

Now, I back in gear continuing blogging with Optimus Prime as one shall rise and none will fall. This Robot in Disguise Happy Meal series was released with Bumblebee, Grimlock, Strongarm and Drift. I have watched a few episodes of this Transformers on 'Toonami' whereby the focus is mainly on Bumblebee leading mission on earth. Who won't want Optimus Prime? I like Prime the most and it look really cool from front view. The figure would be perfect if the back wasn't hollow and and some paint misalignments. Nevertheless, this simple toy comes with the main figure and the weapon (clear blue sword). There is an Autobot insignia on the left shoulder. The left arm can turn 360 degree and head at some angle. The right arm has swinging mechanism by just pushing the button on the rear.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon - Robot Damashii Villkiss

Box front view with window to see actual figure and first release limited edition sticker

Plenty of accessories on plastic insert

Rifle mounted on rear

Painted gold on hydraulic 

First release that comes a bonus - Ange clear blue figure

I decided to hand paint Ange's figure to the pilot suit.

The anime has received many critics like emulating 'Mobile Suit Gundam Seed' with even circulation of screen shots tracing back to 'Mobile Suit Gundam Seed'.

Gundam weapons appearing in the anime CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon

Haro bowling balls appearing in CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon

Zaku mat appearing in CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon

I have quite a lot to say about 'CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon' right from the anime to the mecha figure 'Robot Damashii Villkiss'. The anime has received many critics like emulating 'Mobile Suit Gundam Seed' with even circulation of screen shots tracing back to 'Mobile Suit Gundam Seed'. I would think that the storyline of both anime are vastly different I see a lot of Gundam in CROSS ANGE and it's nature since the production is from Sunrise and we might even see Villkiss, the leading mecha in this anime be inducted to 'Super Robot Wars' in a not so distance future. 

The anime concept is pretty refreshing with sexy thrashed princess riding mecha craft that transforms to robot, slaying dragon in knight fantasy way. Some injections of betrayal, deaths and lesbian sexual contents in the anime and so I won't suggest to younger audiences. I was thrilled when Bandai announced that protagonist mecha aka Paramail of the popular CROSS ANGEL anime series, Villkiss would first make its appearance as an action figure in ROBOT SPIRITS! ROBOT DAMASHII! 

It's exciting cos Villkiss is well designed and comes in cool majestic looking appearance. Goes without saying,  deserves the Damashii treatment. This is the toy that I didn't procrastinate, but felt a bit panicky when AmiAmi closed its preorder just hours after the announcement. Fortunately, I managed to place my preorder with 'Latendo' soon after. My apologies for taking so long to blog about this toy as there are a lot of other toys in my collection, that I also like to show you guys too. 

I got mine the first release that comes a bonus - Ange clear blue figure. I wanted the whole photo taking experience to be more realistic as such I decided to hand paint Ange's figure to the pilot suit. 
Robot Damashii Villkiss is an action figure that you need to treat it like a woman as its extremely fragile with many sharp pointed ends so careful not to prick yourself or especially breaking any parts. 

The first release also has its goddess statue on helmet in gorgeous shiny silver chrome plating style! Not to mention those pearl white surface, gold painted on hydraulic, grey gun metal parts. Nice action figure but one that isn't easy to handle and pose. Those "Freedom Gundam" fin like blue flight sheaths can be quite troublesome to mount on. The transformation between the robot and flight mode isn't perfect hence the armour and limbs have to be detached from the robot mode and mounted to the flight mode core modular.


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