Sunday, 25 September 2016

Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention STGCC 2016 - Random Stuffs

This shall be my concluding post for STGCC 2016 with some random stuffs from movie replicas to game characters. Or shall I say all other pics that didn't blend in to earlier posts. Some 1/6 scale figures of famous and pop culture iconic. More statues of 'Street Fighters'. Also statues of ancient China warrior displayed by 'Infusion' booth. 

Another interesting display was a customized arcade machine rack made by local company that housed monitor and game console by 'PD Design Studio'. I'm taking this opportunity to thank STGCC organizer 'SPRG' for approving my media request. Not forgetting 'Mountain Dew' for sponsoring game competitions and providing free drinks (official drink of STGCC 2016). With this I will be packing my luggage for another otaku trip to the land of Gundam!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention STGCC 2016 - Artistic & Adorable

STGCC 2016 doodle

Singapore Japan Matsuri 50 formed by a whole lot of Bearbricks

Zoom in ...

SG 50 Bear Brick spotted...

This is one area which I have least knowledge with nonetheless it's the genre I think many would just instinctively or impulsive grab any of these cuties! So much so I witnessed an overseas buyer telling the artist booth staff that he wanted all that were on display simply without asking the price. Even those tuna Mame Mayoshi's seafood figurines were sold out within hours. Astounding!! 

There were those sellers who rode on the wave of Pokémon craze with related merchandises from apparels to Pokéballs. STGCC had served as a good platform for artists to express their talents through not just figurines not also plenty of avenues like keychains, posters, post cards, T-shirts, banners, doodles and so on so fore.. incredible expressions of self and urban arts.


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