Friday 5 November 2021

Katsuden is a McDonald's Superfan

Very honored to be featured @mcdsg as a #mcDSuperfans on Instagram. Thank you for the awesome comic strip! My favourite McDonald’s burger is definitely the Samurai burger as I love the unique sauce. It’s seasonal and that makes it more of a reason to crave for. Hooray, samurai burger is back to satisfy my palette. A cool name for a burger reminding us of the way of the Bushidos aka the 7 virtues of samurai conduct such as justice, courage, benevolence, respect, honesty, honour & loyalty. 

My regular option would be the Big Mac! A good simple signature burger that’s available internationally. It gives satisfaction of fullness and not greasy. As for breakfast, pancakes is a must! McDonald’s is a part of my childhood and also my children’s. Celebrating birthday and having parties at McDonald’s was one of the coolest thing to do during my time. It’s still cool now.It’s part of growing up and integrated into lifestyle. 

McDonald's is a family friendly restaurant, food and service is of expected quality. A wide variety of food selections from burgers, salads to desserts. Of course occasional surprises of Happy Meal Toys or collaboration merchandises like Hello Kitty, Line Friends etc.. 

Fond childhood memories started from my parents ordering Happy Meal. Having burger and toy to bring home. Not to mention my first drive-thru meal ordering experience. Also enjoyable attending friends’ birthday parties at McDonald’s and indoor playground at selected outlets at Bt Merah and King Albert Park in the past.I’m mesmerised and wowed by the scale of Happy Meal Toy displayed at Science Centre outlet. I even visited this McDonald’s toy-like-museum outlet before it was closed permanently. I had even written a post titled on ‘Singapore Science Centre MacDonald's Closing on 22 March 2020’. 

It’s McDonald’s commitment to innovate and trust in their quality and service. In the 90s McDonald’s promote efficiency with hourglass and give free menu item when staff fail to serve within the time limit. These days, there are McCafé for modern people who prefer to chillax and there are even table service without extra cost. 

McDonald’s had provided exciting burgers over the years such as the Samurai burger, Kiasu burger, Nasi Lemak burger, Twilight burger at selected outlet at Bt Panjang, Hokkaido Salmon Burger, the latest Hainanese Fried Chicken burger & etc. Despite the ever increasing standard of living and inflation, McDonald’s continue to provide affordable meals that’s more value-for-money compared to food courts and even some coffee shops. Man! We can still get McChicken at only $2 at heartland outlets.

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deSMOnd said...

I grow up with no McDonald's and KFC restaurants in my hometown. I only had my McDonald's burgers after I came to Singapore.

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