Thursday 5 September 2019

Evangelion Popcorn Bucket Limited Unit 01 Universal Studios Japan USJ

I watch a lot of mecha anime and Evangelion is one I really wanted to experience Evangelion XR Ride, if I am to visit Universal Studios Japan USJ. Finally got my hands on this Evangelion Popcorn Bucket Limited Unused Unit 01 without having to travel all the way to the land of the rising sun. In fact, I got it from seller staying just across my block! 

The colour tone is just right and the surface comes a bit of gloss and glitter on close up. Universal Studios Japan logo can be seen on the cover. The bucket comes with a strap that can be latched on both sides so that you can carry it around. Last but not least, the eyes will light up whenever you open the mouth!


deSMOnd said...

Bro, this is definitely an awesome piece and it has light up function. Very nice color combination. Looks great!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yeah! My first popcorn 🍿 container with light up gimmick. How cool issit : )

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