Wednesday 12 December 2018

Sandtrooper on Dewback Statuette

A little something from 'Star Wars Classic Trilogy Edition' - Classic collector’s series. Darth Vader has sent his troops with one command find the stolen data tapes with he plans to the Empire's greatest weapon... he Death Star Now, in the dusty desert of the planet Tatooine, two Rebel droids are hunted by Sandtrooper on Dewback.

The Galactic Empire has come to the twin-sun desert of Tatooine, intent on destroying the hope of the Rebel Alliance. An armor-clad detachment of sandroopers scans the sand dunes for a pair of Rebel droids who carry the stolen plans for the Empires greatest weapon the Death Star.

The Imperial sandtroopers, who searched the wastes of the Dune Sea, were only shown briefy in the original STAR WARS film. Twenty wears after it first premiered on the movie screen, the scene has been redone for the STAR WARS TRILOGY SPECIAL EDITION. Now, through a stunning mixture of live-action and computer-generated imagery, the sandtroopers' search takes on a dazzling new dimension. From the amazing new Dewback lizards to the dusty plastic-steel armour of the Sandtroopers, the new footage will awe the audiences.

Everyone loves to get applause hence Applause's collectible line of highly detailed sculptures captures the thrill of the SPECIAL EDITION'S new hunt in three-dimensional excitement. The desert sands can't hide the Rebel droids forever. Soon they will fall prey to the Sandtroopers on Dewback.

Two members of the detachment of Imperial Sandtroopers are shown in this statuette, commemorating an all-new Star Wars: A New Hope scene from the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition. A combination of newly-filmed live-action actors and computer-generated dewback lizards make the revised footage flow seamlessly into the classic film. This leads to the memorable discovery by one Sandtrooper: a piece from one of the droids. "Look sir, droids," the Sandtrooper in tones, and the hunt begins in earnest. 

Perfectly showcasing the Imperial Sandtroopers and their dewback mount, each cold-cast resin statuette is intricately detailed, sculpted and hand-finished. A spectacular collectors piece, SANDTROOPER ON DEWBACK captures a historic moment in galactic history and showcases an exciting new scene from the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition.


deSMOnd said...

The statue is very nice with different brown tone for finishing..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Too bad it’s not painted as the I find the bronze base seems kind of plain nonetheless it looks heavier than it seem.

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