Thursday 6 December 2018

Funko POP! Green Ranger + Dragonzord Vinyl Figures

The craze of Funko POP! sure took us by storm! Funko POP seems to obtain licensed to produce all sorts of characters from movie, game, television shows and anything under the sun. It's such a novelty and it's so cute that you will at least get a few of those favourite characters in super deformed vinyl form. There is no escape even for Saban! From Power Rangers, Green Ranger, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko! Figure stands 3 3/4 inches and comes in a window display box. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were the original series about the group of teenagers who were chosen to protect the world from a group of alien invaders. They were given the ability to ‘morph’ into super-powered warriors and pilot giant robots called Zords. This item just brings back memories. These are things that will let our childhood stay forever. This Pop Vinyl features Tommy's alter-ego as an adorable vinyl figure, the original Green Ranger. The green ranger was always my favourite one! This pop is AWESOME!!

It's nice even on display with the box and they are easy storage as the boxes stack up brilliantly. The packaging design is clever, and they’re always as pictured! As you can see from my pics, some may be disappointed with the paint job of these figures as they ain't actually exactly neat and isn't something serious collector would consider. As you can see they aren't perfect therefore it's good to lower your expectation for the quality and check carefully if you are getting from retail stores. Green Ranger is always cleared from retail shelves so I got mine through backorder. Anyway, I settled with normal version instead of the glow in the dark version.

Green Ranger would be too lonely by himself so he calls for 'DRAGONZORD' which took me blood, sweat and tears due to its exclusivity. "I need Dragonzord Power!"Funko Pop! 2017 Fall Convention Exclusive, Dragonzord from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is given a fun, and funky, stylized look as an adorable collectible Pop! vinyl figure from Funko! I'm cool with the classic green and silver design see in the original series. As you can, the Dragonzord is of a bigger size, standing at 6". As far as design goes this is just so ugly in a way that I absolutely love it. Those iconic silly round eyes on oversized head. Those tiny arms are hilarious and I can't help think of Jurassic T-Rex! The fingers do looks like they are ready to fire some missiles! The tail does help in holding up the figure. 


deSMOnd said...

Bro, good to see you blog your favorite green ranger :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yeah bro! Funko kind of has everything under the sun, licensed. It’s hard to resist these vinyl figures : )

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