Thursday 27 December 2018

Dragon Ball DBZ Android 16 Resin Statue

Another stand-alone resin-based statue portrays Android 16 with a grin and angered expression. This is statue is hard to come by and I'm lucky to get it from someone willing to give up his old collection. Not to mentioned visiting his place to self collection. He also has Broly and I got it as a bundle and could remember the struggle bring both heavy and fragile statues home. 

I would say that sculpt is not fantastic and the main attraction is its size, standing above 30 cm. He stands with his hands tightly gripped and raised waist-high. In comparison to the anime, this Android 16 appears to be on the slimmer side, nonetheless the texture and colouring scheme of the statue is that of an airbrush technique, placing great impression on the shadings and layers of his clothing and armour. 

His punk hair is also vividly coloured red, allowing for the very movement of his hair strands to be visible. Everything right down to the Red Ribbon Army logo are kept intact for this piece and the base seems to be a battleground with numerous cracks depicted on the earth diorama.



deSMOnd said...

Bro, if the figure's expression shows a bit cunning with little smile. Will it looks better?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The sculpt is not the best nonetheless I’m glad to have the statue for its size and Android 16 is one of my favourite after all.

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