Tuesday 15 August 2017

inkink Premium Art Collectibles

I was at Bras Basah complex shopping for Gunpla necessities when came across this arty shop. So curious to find out what was brewing inside which eventually led to entering after much peeping through the glass door. A very nice blend of frame-up manga, cartoon, comic & superheroes artworks; accompanied by some display of toys and statue figurines. I was warmly welcomed by Mr Alwyn Liang who is an artist representative, runs the gallery for fine art prints as well as original art sale.

To my surprise, I  didn't realised a longer than expected friendly conservation or should I called it an impromptu interview which Alwyn had shared with me, on how the passion all started, dated back to the good old days even before Clarke Quay flea market. Those were really the pioneering days like an infant stage of today's pop culture in local contents.

Starts such niche business in Singapore is never easy especially with online shopping and digital access to comic. For every success story lies much perseverances from venturing overseas till making that come back after setting a foot hold in the U.S market. inkink not just sell artworks but help to promote manga, comics and toy-related comics artists who had been unsung heroes behind the industries.

The celestial looking Optimus Prime cover print on the reference book been display looks really awesome IMHO. So having much said, go see those amazing stuffs for yourself at 231 Bain Street #02-85, Bras Basah Complex S180231. They offer commission pieces by artists that are available to take commissions.

Before I end off, inkink will be attending, this year Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention STGCC 2017 @ Booth B7! So be ready to queue for limited freebies of Transformers coloured-art-prints from Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus to Black Soundwave (Soundblaster). I'm always a fan of Transformers, drawn in manga/anime way especially 'Powermaster' series.


deSMOnd said...

Bro, thanks for sharing..it's near my office too :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
No prob bro.. always happy to share. Do pay the gallery a visit when you free.

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