Saturday 1 August 2015

Black Escaflowne Guymelef Figure

This figure came as an exclusive item with 'The Vision of Escaflowne' Limited Edition box set, released in North America by Bandai Entertainment on July 23, 2002. Based on Escaflowne turning black in episode 14 'Dangerous Wounds' Van heads out to battle the Dragonslayers. Van succeeded killing all of them, however he was haunted but the souls of those he killed. Therefore, Escaflowne turned black and collapsed. This premium variant is base on the 7"action figure which is a collector set based on an animated series from Bandai Entertainment. Though it doesn't come with the two main protagonists of the anime, Van Fanel and Hitomi Kanzaki, the black Escaflowne comes on transparent plastic insert tray, in a nice hard cardboard box similar to the DVD box. 

Figure is non-transformable, there ain't many points of articulation, therefore the number of poses are limited. It's well balanced, pre-painted with panel lines. The figure comes with an awesome huge sword that's almost as tall Escaflowne itself. The sword could have been better made if it's made with harder plastic like PVC rather than ABS rubbery material which tends to bend. The cape is removable so it allows display of Escaflowne with or without the cape.


chrismandesign said...

this is a wonderful complement for the already great set of Escaflowne and truly this Guymelef looks intimidating !!!... it’s kinda disappointing that the actual mecha in the series, was seemingly unable to engage in combat, i wish it were like the Mode B of Linebarrel, which was fully functional, adding different capabilities !!!... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
Guymelef sure looks intimidating in black with the evil auras around. A good comparsion with mode B Linebarrel, nonetheless Escaflowne first use the idea. Unfortunately, white Guymelef did took out the entire squad lightning speed kill and overdo it and subconsciously entered death mode Black..

RiP666 said...

haha you have so many old and new mechas here,, really respect for your collection bro :D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> RiP666
Heehee... I don't restrict myself to just Gundam. Beside, I started off as Macross fan. Lot other mechas anime are good too. It the openess variety of animes. Thanx for the kind comment bro.

Unknown said...

I like the ost!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Definitely... OST set us in the mood and at times keep us remembering those scenes : )

Dominic said...

The full capabilities covered in the series of the Escaflowne are its basic and advanced combat: awakened and asleep. Awakened it will help you out but you become cursed. As it takes damage you also take damage. In its awakened state your very thoughts can reach it so that it can be summoned even if you are not piloting it. It can even take over in a fight and aid you making your fighting skill even better. This is however at a cost as you could loose your mind to it which is why Dryden commented about Espano guymelefs cursing their operators. Other abilities that are shown throughout the series are in visions: Escaflowne's shoulder energist crystals arent just there for looks but are devastating energist weapons and they are seen destroying entire floating fortresses. Then there is its Dragon mode, which it is perfectly able to fight in as well as fly in. It also has built in jet engines which can boost its speed considerably too. Also, you may not have noticed this but Escaflownes great sword can be charged up magically and become more powerful, which happens throughout the series, specifically when Van begins melting through Guymelefs with it. This however only seems to happen when he has awakened Escaflowne and fights with Escaflowne rather then merely using Escaflowne. In its unawakened state it is still a great Guymnelef, but it truly becomes a force of nature when awakened, which is probably why it took so long for the atlantians to build it. Also, one very important thing to note about Escaflowne's heart energist crystal. It is made of the same material as Hitomi's pendant, which means that Escaflowne can do just about anything it's pilot wishes for it to do. It even teleported in one episode and in other ones it even shows Hitomi a vision. In its true potential Escaflowne is able to do whatever its pilot wishes, but it requires absolute mastery, which is never achieved by Van. If Hitomi's pendant that is so small can change destiny, ect, then emagine what a giant version of that pendant can do, which is what Escaflowne's heart energist crystal is.

Dominic said...

Also, if you notice in the 2 episode where Van first activates Escaflowne. What happens is that there is a giant stone that has Escaflowne inside of it. However, if you watch closely, the physical form of Escaflowne only full materializes when the stone is gone. The magic inside of the stone was Escaflowne and it used the material around it(the giant rock and broken rock pieces) to give itself a physical form. When the stone broke into pieces for a split second there is just light surrounded by stone but after some time all of the stone that Escaflowne hatched from becomes its part of its form. Escaflowne is really a living mech, not merely a glorified battle bot, it is alive, and it becomes more and more so alive throughout the series, even turning itself on and off at times, intervening depending upon the situation, in some episodes it even creates a pillar of light on its own, traveling between places.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Very much appreciated that Dominic is able to share with us an in depth of Escaflowne from its source to the explanation of Escaflowne having a will or should I say a living relic, right down to its source of energy to its transformation. It's really enlightening to better know the mecha through your explanation. It's just like hearing a Guru sharing his favourite topic. Thank you very much for sharing the facts of Escaflowne with us and you comments are indeed valuable. I'm sure we now have a better understanding to the anime.

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