Friday 24 July 2015

Transformers Generations Voyager Class Roadbuster

Got to first and foremost thank Stanley for helping me get this toy for my sons when it's going at discount. This four-wheel drive humvee is part of Transformers' 30th Anniversary rollout to thrill fans with the representation of its G1 form with that new revamped look. The back of the box says 'Ask this Autobot who his greatest enemy is and he won't name a Decepticon. He'll say it's boredom. To him, there's simply nothing more entertaining than turning a few Decepticons into a smoldering pile of scrap – and he never misses a chance to pursue his favorite pastime. 

Few Autobots are more eager to hurl themselves into combat, and fewer still have accomplished more on the field of battle. Set a level 2 intermediate transformation level, this Autobot would provide some challenges for my boys turning Roadbuster between vehicle and robot mode. This courageous Autobot deal is really those overkill customizable six weapons which can swap locations on both modes or combine together for one massive weapon. What's more is the spring action missile on the bazooka. Cool playable toy for my kiddos. Durable as some parts are made to detach if excessive force is applied and designed to be re-attachable is separation occurs. Comes with big clear transformation instruction and stickers sheet with 2 big Autobot symbols, one for a more G1 toy look and the other is the Wrecker symbol for a more comic look. Some of the parts are painted orangish yellow, so beware of chip off after repeated transformation and play.


chrismandesign said...

great looking Autobot and despite it’s not based on an actual military vehicle, it seems realistic, somehow !!!... nice color scheme and heavy weaponry, this guy live by its name !!!... some toys are getting better as time passes, ten years ago you would not expect this quality in a toy intended for kids, very good work by Hasbro and very nice present for your children !!!.. =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
The old G1 version was having Roadbuster as a jeep, then again jeep was mainly recognized as a military vehicle. Now that technology improved, Roadbuster had also progress to a Humvee. Indeed, the quality of toys had improved through leaps and bounds. Well, not all and its good to choose wisely. It's a cool toy and I get to play whenever he asked me to transform for him.

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