Thursday 19 March 2015

M Con III 2015 Part 1 - Artists & Judges Display, Sci Fi, Movies & Mecha

Had took some time to take pics of this year entries @ M Con III 2015 which is happening from 18th - 22th March @ Alexandra Retail Centre. Lotz of entries this year, looking @ 454 and the most entries since M Con started. I'm not the official photographer for the event some I could only take as much as possible based on my liking and attention level. Should dedicate this Part 1 to Artists and Judges Display and I truly loved the Macross SDF-1. Under Category Class 4 - Sci Fi, Movies and Mecha we have well balanced of entries on Gundam, Macross, Zoids, Evangelion, Super Robot, Patlabor and others. 

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