Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Anime Matsuri Coverage

A short walk from my office to Funan IT Mall to catch a glimpse of Anime Matsuri. The main stage was screening promotion videoclip of idols and anime which I see mostly 'Idol Master' (I have watched the first quarter of the anime on Anime Plus). The event is mainly driven by Latendo, unfortunately sales are cash items and no further discount for members : ( Nonetheless, I'm glad to find the model kit of the the "The Fool" from the anime 'Nobunaga The Fool'. I really hope they will make Bishoujo of Jeanne Kaguya d'Arc(Keep my fingers cross)! 

For the convenience of getting "The Fool" since getting from Amiami would be around the same price factoring shipping. I won't be sure the value would depreciate in future so I just bought it anyway... In short, I can't wait to get it, though my model kit backlog continue to pile... Haiz... Well, there are some other booths and as well as display by 'Good Smile' and display of 'One Piece' mechanic to promote the latest PS3 game 'Pirate Warriors 2'(Play free @ the event). I noticed this very polite cosplayer who would thank whoever took photo of her so she would be my one and only cosplay pic taken at the event. Katsuden signing out ^_^


desmond said...

I always love One Piece characters but didn't watch the drama series..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

One Piece has gone too long and far for me to catch up... The recent Chopper mechanic combiners are quite interesting.

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