Sunday, 2 February 2014

DX Sazabi MSN-04

Let's post something red for auspicious reason this Chinese New Year. However in Gundam context, seeing red means deep shit if you bumped into Red Comet. Here it is a 12" DX Sazabi released in 2002 by Bandai. I would say Sazabi is one of most powerful mono-eye MS around in the Gundam universe though its timeline was during 'Char's Counterattack'. Well, the DX version is huge as you can see from the size comparison with MG Re-GZ. Came in a big box with window so consumers could see the actual toy. 

Upon opening the box, you would most of the accessories came in parts on tree and required some trimming and assembling. The figure came quite detailed and you could see the insignia and fine markings. The set has all the weapons Sazabi needed from beam rifle, shield, fin funnel and either beam saber or axe to go on melee. DX Sazabi is also packed with features like the head could open and allows to clearer look at the cockpit and mono-eye, the backpack is removable and could accommodate the 3 fin funnels on each side of the tray. 

In additional, the axe aka beam tomahawk, has a telescoping handle and could be attached to the shield. All the individual fin fannels are removable and open up. Last but not least, the thrusters on the shoulders are adjustable. A sturdy figure however articulation restricted due to those bulky parts. The fist could not open and unfortunately optional fist wasn't included. 


chrismandesign said...

quite impressive figure, both in size and design !!!... even for the DX standards is superb and it comes filled with accessories... at first sight a tardy and bulky mecha, but as far as i know, it has an incredible maneuverability thanks to the tons of thrusters included here and there !!!... =)

bluedrakon said...

This looks awesome and the details are well done. I always like this version especially due to the helmet design as it looks like something a samurai would have. It sucks that there isn't a second hand that is open.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chrismandesign
I must admit this is quite quality toy especially for lazy people like me who likes MS yet done little Gunpla-ing. Beside the thrusters, any MS piloted by Char would be 3X the maneuverability... Hehe..

>> bluedrakon
The very first Gundam V fin is based on samurai helmet, I guess Sazabi head sculpt just go with the flow... Samurai style seems typical in most of Japs anime and for old school such as this follows the culture... If only Bandai US made the the fingers movable : (

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