Tuesday 1 May 2012

Robotech Masterpiece Vol 4 Max Sterling VF-1J + Appendix

Robotech Masterpiece Max Sterling

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Staying true to Robotech, 'The Macross Saga', Toynami released the blue VF-1J accurate to the TV series back in 2002. In addition, beefed up the Veritech with tailored Fast Pack. This VF-1J was shown on the TV series after Max and Millia became a couple. An obvious colour to represent the man and red for the woman. Millia's VF-1J was obviously red to make the other half.

The original concept of the bookstyle packaging was used to add prestige, making it seems more like any ordinary transforming toys. Also the book package would provide a sturdy storage case that could remain in use. The illustration of the pilots on the spine of the packaging is artist Tommy Yune.

A swiveling joint was incorporated into the legs of the Veritech at the thigh. The thigh joint makes for a dynamic pose in Guardian mode. The nose of the Veritech Fighter was lengthen slightly compared to the Chunky Monkey. With the extended nose, the detail in the cockpit was increased and enabling openable canopy. 

One special feature of the Toynami Masterpiece that give an edge over other Macross toy-makers is the LED light in the eye visor incorporated to bring the robot to life just a bit more. The switch and battery compartment were cleverly designed to fit between the head and landing gear. A plastic barrier was placed in the ring surrounding the neck, so as to prevent the head from twisting around past 180 degrees, and possibly causing a disruption in the LED wire.

Super Veritech Armor Appendix-B is tailored to suit the colour scheme of this blue Veritech Fighter. You won't see the problems with breaking the fastening parts in the legs, like those in vintage chunky monkeys cos Toynami had cleverly used magnetic force to hold the armor to the legs. As for the armor on the hands, it's done by extendable fastener. The front portion of the booster can be detached and he outer casing of the leg armor can also be removed to show some details of the interior.

Max Sterling ... Information from Wikipedia 
He is a young fighter pilot assigned to Rick Hunter's various commands (Black Group, Vermillion Team, and Skull Squadron) along with Ben Dixon. He is 19 years old at the beginning of the Robotech's "Macross Saga" and is easily recognized by his blue hair and glasses. His unassuming personality belies his deadly prowess as the SDF-1’s most renowned Veritech pilot. Max is preternaturally talented with near-perfect fighting judgment. He is widely recognized to be the most dangerous Veritech combat pilot in the entire Robotech universe.


bluedrakon said...

Outside the fact this has an open cockpit, it is a dead ringer for my Jetfire (Bandai made) from Transformers.

Even with that, I would love to get my hands on this as the blue coloring is great and MAX was a kickass pilot.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Oh yes, I have seen your vintage Jetfire review. Indeed, Max is an awesome pilot and I'm looking for CMS Max figure in his Valkyrie flight suit. That piece is really rare.

deSMOnd said...

Very well and detailed review :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Sorry for the slow review cos lately busy taking pics to sell my toys at flea-market this Sunday. This piece you see there was sold.

chrismandesign said...

well, i love the color scheme, too much white is dangerous for my senses LOL... is a great figure with a different work on the packaging and is already a "preloved" figure that has a new owner/lover... this post feels like an irony, since this figure is not in your collection... ;(

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

White is dangerous as in easily seek out and shot down or the toy itself is prone to yellowing? I guess it's both applicable. I'm just as happy that the toy was sold to someone nice and having good knowledge of the toy. It's still good to keep a documentation of my past and present toys. Toys that I once owned.

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