Friday 25 June 2010

Amazing Spider-Man Action Movie + 4" Figure

My first introduction to Spiderman was through watching 'Electric Company'. I remember one segment of the show has got a short narration of Spiderman comic with Spiderman posing speechlessly. When I was older, Marvel started having Spiderman cartoon which was a real delight and that's when I somehow understand the plot better. If I recall correctly, at some point of the cartoon, there was guest appearance of Daredevil and Punisher. When I was much older then, Spiderman goes cinematic and that's the time I don't believe my eyes that superhero movie can be look so real and dynamic.

Courtesy of Mr Erik again for this 3.75 inch 'The Amazing Spider-Man' figure. Detailed with defined muscles, pose this Spider-Man action figure in a battle-ready pose!
ps: Great power comes great responsibilities!


Gunstray said...

Eat your heart out revoltech^^;

I kinda miss my old spidey toy minus that its inarticulate and I just gave it away before leaving saudi-_-

Gunstray said...

But Im still more of a venom fan, and carnage too^^

chrismandesign said...

hehehe... is refreshing that u giv some space to this kind of figures in ur blog pal (even if they r not urs =PPPPP)... i still prefer the 6-8" high figures from Marvel or DC, but this tiny creatures r pretty decent in detail, articulation & paint job... Hasbro is doing a great job there... BTW, i’m reading a bunch of comics from Marvel & DC to reconnect myself with those amazing stories & the classic characters have change a lot compared with the same characters from golden age... the worlds created by manga/anime/comic artists r fascinating =OOO

chubbybots said...

The articulation looks pretty solid! But luckily I don't collect this line of figures...there are so many superheroes to collect!!!

At least one good thing is that I get to see it on your blog haha. I do miss the times when I have the luxury to sit down and watch the cartoon series!

mangyver5223 said...

This mr.Spidey has really awesome articulation. Great for me.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> GunStray
Venom and Carnage sure are fearsome!

Some time we just missed the toy we ever owned before. I regretted selling away my Warmachine in the past.

>> chrismandesign
Good thing my blog name is 'Collect 'em All' and not restricted to Macross & Gundam. I like to do something different at times and thx for the positive feedback pal.

>> chubbybots
I guess you must be really busy these days too! Time is definitely not on my side after marriage and having two kids. Ha! Ha!

>> mangyver5223
I think so too and Hasbro did a great job.

LEon said...

I remember the electric company Spiderman section bro. I actually watched that show for that section. LOL

I remember there was a Spiderman TV show too in the mid 1980s. Yes it was shown on local TV.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

So we are from the same era bro! Ha! Ha!

Jul said...

Wow, the Electric Company gave me fond memories! They also had a hilarious segment called "A Very Short Book".

I also liked watching "Spiderman & His Amazing Friends" and that 90's Spiderman cartoon series :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yes Jul, those show and cartoons really brings fond memories and so much more for a kid like us those days. Now it's great power come great responsibilities.

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