Sunday 18 April 2010

Bleach Season Two - The Entry

I have finished watching the 2nd season of Bleach! This time at a faster pace trying to follow the adventure of Ichigo and his friends fighting their way to save Rukia. There are a lot more characters been introduced at this part of the story. It's really intriguing at the beginning of this season but the storyline kind of slow down towards the end of the boxset and much fillers and flashbacks.

Well! On the other hand it's not too bad to understand the subcharacters better. This DVD boxset ended with Ichigo stabbed and fallen despite lending power from his Zanpakutō. I know in anime, main hero would always fall and rise again and eventually gain the ultimate victory. Still, I waiting impatiently for boxset number 3. If you hear me Mr K! Oh, I forgotten you are on overseas trip!


chrismandesign said...

Bleach here, Bleach there... i heard bout this series many times, myb i’ll see them... barely 2 days ago i was watching Blassreiter (from the same producers of Karas) & it was an OM... incredible experience... that’s why i prefer short series... just 15 (or 16???) chapters, more than enough for me =&

G.G. said...

I'd wanted to start this series, but being so behind I was afraid to my time to catch up. And I've heard that comparing to other similiar series like Naruto & One Piece, this one is not as good. But to each their own.

I myself am a mega Naruto fan. I really enjoy the rich history the series has over these past 6 years(?). I like to see characters progress & grow....and Naruto does that so very well.

As for Chris's comment about short series, yeah I agree to that too. A series that is focus and tight would be better than a series that drags itself out of interest. Although I wasn't into Blassreiter that much. I think the best anime I've seen thus far has got to be "Monster". I think it was about 75 episodes, and each one is so good.

G.G. said...
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deSMOnd said...

Bro, can let me your Bleach CD? If you can't then its ok as I always wanted to watch this animation series.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chrismandesign
I don't believe in Bleach at first but it really more than meets the eye after I started. I'm not crazy of the anime but would nice to stay tune.

>> G.G
I didn't really watch Naruto (only a few movie)& One Piece (only a few episodes on random). But Naruto will interest me better and I like the ninja fighting and soundtracks. Long anime series has it's own good to give a more detail character development.

>> deSMOnd
Sorry bro, the dvd ain't mine. It belongs to my friend and I keep decide on that. All I have is lots of Gundam & Macross DVDs. Ha! Ha!

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