Friday 26 June 2009

Dragon Quest / Warrior (Character Figure Collection)

Front cover of Dragon Quest / Warrior

Back cover of Dragon Quest / Warrior

Anime illustration of the hero from Dragon Quest IV 'Solo'

There's my Solo figure!

The figure is pretty small, standing around 8cm

Here's the shield!

Now the sword!

A close up view

I'm going to take over the world! Ha! Ha!

Other figures from Dragon Quest IV

I was looking for DVD of Dai no Daiboken, Dragon Quest Adventure Of Dai, however was not able to find this very first Dragon Quest story, which converted itself from manga to anime. But instead, I find another Dragon Quest anime on hero Abel.

This is one of the many anime drawn by Akira Toriyama, creator of the insanely popular anime series Dragonball Z, which explained why Abel looks so much like Goku. In fact, while watching the first 13 episodes of Dragon Warrior, I have noticed a lot of the characters and villains resembling those of Dragonball Z.

There isn’t an original DVD available so I only managed to get the VHS format mastered onto DVD. I have expected the poor resolution and sound quality, so no complaint. But the biggest disappointment would be the English dubbed 13 episodes isn’t a complete series.

Anime adaptation of Dragon Quest had become a popular ENIX RPG video game and a like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest already has many RPG series. I have not played any of Dragon Quest games but I realized something iconic about the anime & games would be the blue sacred stone possessed by the guardians and similar design of the crown worn by the guardian. Last but not least, the liquid droplet look-a-like pet.

Dragon Quest IV trailer...


RiP666 said...

the sclupt was nice...

I hv played it once, but I didn't remember what series >_<"

LEon said...

I love the shield. Nice paint job.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> RiP666
Trading figures nowadays have quite good standards.

>> LEon
Ya! I like the shield a lot too!

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