Sunday 24 May 2009

Rambo 4 dvd

Front view of dvd

Back view of dvd

DVD content ~ no extra booklet or extras for this Poh Kim

Had just watched Rambo 4 during last weekend thx to Anton lending it to me. Compared to Sylvester Stallone's previous Rambo movies, this one has shown a lot of maturity. In this latest sequel, Rambo no longer flexed his muscle half nakedly (probably of his age) and the movie is much more realistic with less of Rambo's one-man-show. The movie was well filmed with the way people got blown and shot in the movie seems almost flawless. It's a great movie that I will recommend to fans of action movies.

Rambo 4 movie trailer...


LEon said...

You forget to quote

"Live for nothing, Die for something"

I love this movie too. LOL

Ngee Khiong said...

I watched this movie as well, and while those gruesome fight scenes are really not my cup of tea, they are horrifyingly realistic.

Stallone isn't old anymore, but he still has the spirit of Rambo in him, as he has in the first three movies. Too bad Richard Crenna who played Colonel Trautman has passed away. It would be great to see him in this movie as well.

Like the first three movies as well, not many lines spoken by him, but the all-action type of hero Rambo is is what makes him look so awesome.

My favorite is still the First Blood. The whole movie just captured the spirit of who Rambo is perfectly.

otaku gunpla said...

hey hey bro..long time din c u ady...hehe...act i mbck as well for few day holiday onli..hehe...hw life ya..ehhh....since when u change ur blog so bright for me...hehe..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Leon
Seems like we have quite a number of Rambo fans here. "Live for nothing, Die for something"

>> Ngee Khiong
Hi NK, you really have an in depth understanding of Rambo from past to present. Just like you, my fav still is Rambo 2 'First Blood' where the war was fought in Vietnam. I remember my dad is the one who brought me for the movie.

>> otaku gunpla
Yo otaku gunpla, long time didn't hear from you bro. Just visited your blog a few days back and see no updates yet. Life still is fun and simple for me. Lately, I'm quite busy bringing my family out for outings.

Great to hear from you. Enjoy the holiday and I hope my blog's template didn't blind you. Hee! Hee!

seven6398 said...

hey.. i watch this movie too.. it got a lot of blood scene.. but i found the movie just abit to short.. i do like one of the rambo movies that in dessert..

btw.. nice to meet you.. if you don't mind.. can you tell me where you get all those macross magazines..

deSMOnd said...

Dennis, you forget one more Rambo fan here..Haha! I bought the Rambo 4 in US version. I watched the movie twice in the cinema and once for the DVD. I have the full series of Rambo and my favourite is Rambo 2 and I knew Stallone from there..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> seven6398
Hi, thx for visiting my blog. I visited yours too and the Gunpla you built looks great! I got those Macross magazine locally from a toyshop, it's through preorder. I don't actually keep the magazine cos I would resell it to a close friend at a discounted rate after blogging about it.

>> Desmond
Wow! You are really a serious fan and collector of Rambo dvd and its merchandise too. Salute!

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