Wednesday 6 May 2009

Last Samurai DVD

Front view of DVD casing

Back view of DVD casing

The content ~ it's a 2 discs edition

Had watched this movie before when Anton lent me the VCD some time ago. Seems like there are ample of this movie in code one dvd at most leading DVD stores. And most are selling at less than S$20/-. I always like watching samurai related motion pictures and so I bought it to add on to my collection.

What I like about the movie are the scenery, costume and battle scenes. Not so much on the plot as I don't find it realistic that Cruise joined the enemy after his captivity and became a samurai. Hard to accept that one can take the enemy's wife as his woman. The red samurai suit looks very nice on Cruise but miraculously the machine gunners could not shot to kill such an obvious target charging at them.

After all it's just a movie and I enjoy watching it...


Ngee Khiong said...

This is one of my favorite movies actually. I love how the movie tries to evaluate the value of tradition (the Samurai) in facing technological advancement. Tom Cruise's character for me, is just to play a witness to that "evolution", in the middle of the stage is still Katsumoto pleyed by Ken Watanabe.

There are a lot of moral values being portrayed through the movie, like whether we should abandon our ancient virtues and beliefs to embrace the future, and while we become more advanced, how should we preserve our own identity, like the unique class of Samurai in the Japanese society.

Can't be watched for entertainment I think, this movie. Very much the same case as Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight for me.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank you for the comment Ngee Khiong. Your comment give a great review of this movie. I do agree that movie does bring out the value, dignity and honor of samurai.

It's sometime makes me sad to see warriors in that era who kept to their faith with swordmanship suffered even since the invention of firearm. And losing unique culture due to western influence.

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