Thursday 21 May 2009

三国志大戦 DS ~Sangokushi Taisen DS

Front view of game

Back view of game

If you have been to arcade centre recently, you would have noticed people carrying stacks of Sangokushi Taisen cards and moving these cards on the arcade machine which project the movement of three kingdoms generals with their troops battling on the screen. This highly popular arcade is known as 三国志大戦 also known as Sangokushi Taisen.

As the popularity grows, Sangokushi Taisen DS was then derived from its original arcade platform. On Nintendo DS console, moving the cards is at ease with the help of stylus pointer. Just like its arcade version, Sangokushi Taisen DS had progressed to series 2. A friend of mine told me that an international competition as held at Japan last year and a Singaporean player had emerged champion.

三国志大戦 DS gameplay...

Sangokushi Taisen on arcade...

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