Sunday 31 May 2009

Alan's Collection

Marvelous Zoids collection

It's like a warehouse of Zoids

These are the vintage ones

At the lower portion are Zoids from the Empire

Some of Alan's built Zoids

More of Alan's built Zoids

This is Alan's storeroom. The box from King Gorjulas sure are huge!

Indeed a store room full of Zoids

After visiting CSC today's early afternoon, a toy collector namely Alan, whom I know through Jason, had visited us to his house. Alan is a serious collector of Zoids and he has other collection including Bandai Chogokin, Dino Riders, Masks, BB Gundam, Starcom, & etc. Generally, the cheerful and outspoken Alan likes toys related to dinosaur and this explained why he like Zoids so much. I have given Alan a nick known as Zoids King. Alan aka Zoids King.


Jcee said...

Wow that is like visiting a toy store! Awesome collection!

LEon said...

Agree with Jcee. Look like a Toy store to me as most are MISB. LOL Must be a fortune.

RiP666 said... is a toy heaven LOL

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Jcee
Yes, like a toy store especially when he bought a few boxes of the same type.

>> Leon
Alan also has quite a lot of unbuilt ones w/o box that were kept in zip lock bag.

Alan is an old friend of Jason and like me, it's Jason who always motivate us to continue collecting toys.

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