Tuesday 21 April 2009

Outside Alexandra Hospital

Retro cake shop

Yummy looking old-sckool cakes. Even the trays are vintage

Where the confectionary is located

Toyshop @ Queensway shopping centre

Went for physiotherapy today at Alexandra Hospital and decided to explore the vicinity opposite AH thereafter. I wondered around the estate in search of the herbal mutton soup stall, at the hawkercentre that my dad used to bring me there. The hawkercentre is still around however the mutton soup stall was not longer there. There was another mutton soup stall, which taste just as good too.

After my meal, I walked around and saw a tradition confectionary and the cakes displayed reminds me of good-old-tasty butter cakes and cream bun. Succumbed to my craving, I bought a cream puff and cream bun with chocolate rice for just S$1.10. What an affordable price for such fresh and nice stuff! I will definitely come back for more after my physiotherapy next time.

Next I shopped at Queensway Shopping centre and discovered a toyshop known as ‘In-Thing’ located at #02-36B. The shop has quite a number of WWE action figures, Mc Farlene toys and some vintage toys. Can go check out on the shop next time you visit Queensway Shopping Centre to shop for sport apparels.


HaRoLd FarTed said...

bro, e queensway SC toy shop being there for ages liao lei... LOL!

LEon said...

I been to that toy shop. Nothing much update there. I wonder how they earn their living.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Harold
That mean I have not been there for ages! Ha! Ha!

>> Leon
I think it's very difficult to sustain in toyshop retail unless your toys are unique, competitive price, support of regular customers and preorder.

LEon said...

but they are still there. for sometime already. isnt that amazing? LOL

deSMOnd said...

Thanks for your info, bro..I may go down Queensway shopping centre one day..Got my favourite WWE figures there..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Good luck bro! Hope you get some good buy!

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