Friday, 2 January 2009

Macross Chronicle 10

The front cover

VF-25S with fast pack

VF-25S in fighter mode

VF-25S in battroid mode

Zentradi vesssel

Sketching on Zentradi vessels

Daedalus making up one of SDF 1's arms

Sketching of Daedalus

Ranka Lee

More of Ranka Lee


Minmay in uniform ~ Where is the Minmay Guard Valkyrie

Awesome drawing of VF-1D. The 1/60 Yamato prefect transformation will be out soon...

Minmay's aunt and uncle

Mylene Flare Jenius ~ daughter of Maximilian Jenius and Milia Jenius in Macross 7


I only have the movie version but still I prefer the Takatoku made SPF 1!

Characters from Macross Frontier

Drawing from Macross Frontier

Ad on VF-25S model kit

Just came back from the hospital after my operation. The cyst on my back, near to the left shoulder had finally been removed. The staffs at the hospital were very helpful and friendly but I felt like like a guinea pig during the operation while the doctor cut up my skin and taking his time to explain my condition to the new doctors.

I came really restless during the stitching part cos two new doctors were practically experimenting stitching up my wound. I could hear the senior doctor repeatedly asking them to restitch cos the new doc didn't start stitching from the middle of the opening and another one poking the needle too shallow & too close to the wound opening. Well! At least they finally get the job done and I don't blame them. It's a part of learning...

Oh! I forgotten that I am supposed to blog on Macross Chronicle Issue 10. The valkyrie featured this issue is VF-25S. Macross Frontier really impresses its audience by letting us see the valkyrie in fast pack mode even in the first episode. How generous!


Little Plastic Man said...

Hope you are feeling better! Take care!

Bambino D said...

Hey speedy recovery man~! Great pic on Vf-25S w/ super pack~ I'm glad that they are coming out super pack kit for 1/72 in Mar'09.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Little Plastic Man
Can't sleep well, now that the local analgesics had faded off. Thank you for the comforting words.

>> Bambino
I'll will survive bro! Super pack kit for 1/72! Tat's great news! The super pack chogokin for 1/60 will be released as exclusive pack and I think the price would be very exclusive as well. Ha1 Ha!

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