Saturday, 17 January 2009

G1 Jetfire/Skyfire

Front view of box ~ Some colour fading at the bottom left.

Back view of box ~The top part is folded.

A close-up of the spec tag

Jetfire and accessories on the inserts

Front view of G1 Jetfire ~ slight yellowing on chest plate

Back view of G1 Jetfire

Front view of G1 Jetfire donned in armour

Back view of G1 Jetfire donned in armour

Front view of G1 Jetfire donned in armour (Gerwalk mode)

Side view of G1 Jetfire donned in armour (Gerwalk mode)

Top view of G1 Jetfire donned in armour (Gerwalk mode)

Front view of G1 Jetfire donned in armour (fighter mode)

Top view of G1 Jetfire donned in armour (fighter mode)

Side view of G1 Jetfire donned in armour (fighter mode)

What are you looking at... staring incident...
The right is my loose G1 Jetfire with more yellowing and missing right leg clip.

If you ask me which is my favourite transformers robot, my answer is definitely G1 Jetfire/Skyfire. A simple reason because it's made from Bandai mould equivalent to VF-1S fastpack.

G1 Jetfire toy is not difficult to find on Ebay, but sourcing for one with complete parts and still minty white will need a lot patience and cash. The primary colour being white is highly unsustainable after so many years. One that is entirely bone white would be very costly.

The other problem with G1 Jetfire would be its accessories. The leg clip is usually missing from the bulk. The armour parts often comes with stress marks especially on the arm armour or worst still, the arm armour can't clip on properly because of broken fasteners/hook.

It is also extremely difficult to obtain a G1 Jetfire box of C8.5 ~ 9. Most of time, the box comes with bad shelfwear and broken window. My G1 Jetfire box like others, also first came in super battle damaged condition. I had made some restoration by first flatening the box using a heavy object to press onto it. It has the effect of ironing it. Several days, after the first process, I had used alcohol swab to clean the surface to remove the dirt accumulated over the years. I had also used black marker to mask up the crack lines.

As for the broken window on the box, I had replaced it using new plastic sheet and double-sided tape. I got the plastic sheet/overlap from 'Artfriend' cos most bookshops only sell A4 size plastic transparency.

Currently, I have three G1 Jetfire toys. I have used the best among the rest to take pics. It is MIB with stickers applied. Comes with complete accessories (tight with minimum stress marks) with instruction manual and catalog. There are slight yellowing on the chest area and nose cone.

I have sent one loose G1 Jetfire with complete accessories for customization to Evil Jetfire and the last loose piece (with yellowing, loose arm armour & missing left leg clip) inside my display showcase.

An intro to Jetfire/Skyfire...

A video review on Youtube...


jeroprime said...

Congratulation bro for the purchase of this Mint Jetfire. Wondering how much u get it?

Slight yellowing on chest plate - this is the major problem for jetfire, mine one also having the smae problem.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I brought this for around S$200/-.

I just gotten another jetfire which is of better condition valkyrie. Only slight yellowing at the tail fin. I probably mix & match the armor and thereafter sell one away.

jeroprime said...

This is my loose Jetfire and vintage Soundwave. The jetfire almost 99% complete, just missing the gun clip.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Your Jetfire seems in great shape! Vintage Soundwave is a fun toy with the cassette tapes. I used to have Blaster.

jeroprime said...

Currently HLJ having sales for Yamato 1/60 VF-1A Super & strike parts. here are the links for the sales for macross at hlj.

jeroprime said...

still got another one

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank you for the link bro!

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