Friday, 7 November 2008

Jetfire Reprolabel

My Evil Jetfire reprolabel ~ The purple look blue when appear in pic. Huh!

My Jetfire reprolabel

Evil Jetfire concept

Evil Jetfire reprolabel

GI Jetfire reprolabel that is pre-cut

GI Jetfire reprolabel

I had a long, tiring and frustrating week at work and things had just calm down a little bit. Now that I'm feeling much better, I'm back to blogging again. It feel so good when doing the things I like.

Anyway, I bought these G1 Jetfire stickers lately from I have also liaised with someone to spray my G1 Jetfire purple and convert the Jetfire to Evil Jetfire using the reprolabel. The plan is still in the pipeline because the craftman is only available to work on the assignment this coming December.

In addition, I had also bought the G1 Jetfire reprolabel upon the craftman's request. Must say these reprolabel didn't come cheap as each cost US$23/-. However, the transaction was at ease and the quality of the stickers are relatively good.

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