Sunday 23 November 2008

Inside Anime Festival Asia 2008

I am a supporter of Rapid Culture since many years back. Only managed to speak to Yanjie for a while since he was busy serving customers.

One of my favourite toy vendors Falcon's Hangar is also there. Cliff & Calvin were in high spirit. Calvin told me the stall set up started since two days.

Odex is still going strong! Booth was crowded with people buying first DVD issue of Gundam 00 season DVD with boxset. Also have Code Geass & the DeGrayman.

The stage area. Screening of anime was also held there.

Announcement of Sangokuden junior model kit winner.

Moving around Anime Festival Asia 2008 definitely is much easier than Toys and Comic Comic Convention 2008. Maybe it's not a Sunday or perhaps the other possible reason could be due to the entrance fee. Good thing about ticketing is that it's more focus on the target group so that the venue would not be choked up by passing crowd.

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