Tuesday, 28 October 2008

1/15 Yellow Cyclone Armour

Front view of the box (Taken from previous posting)

Back view of the box (Taken from previous posting)

The toy on plastic insert

Cool pose on bike

Joining GP Motor

Standing beside my bike

Armour on!

Front view of Cyclone armor

Side view of Cyclone armor

Back view of Cyclone armor

I have recently bought a loose Megahouse Mospeada Cyclone bike (Yellow version) for display. With great thanx to Mr. K, my loose toy had found a box and new insert tray. I have taken some pics of the toy. I quite satisfied with size of the toy as compared to the one by CMS but transforming this dude requires a lot of patience. There are a few small parts to remove during transformation and the joints are rather delicate. Excess force applied could break the joints on the bike.

In my opinion, I find the toy nice on display but no exactly fun to play with. I had spent most of my time referring to instruction manual. Another problem would be making the toy stands on its own after the armour was donned (without relying on the stand).


neoconvoy said...

that's one reason why I am not picking up the CMS and Megahouse versions...cos all have issues here and there...the Beagle is too expensive...sigh...hope that some company will produce a better version...

Little Plastic Man said...

I have the Megahouse Genesis Climber Mospeada and took alot of time to transform it. It also could not stand on its own.
Ted - I actually like the figure despite its flaws.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Neoconvey
I have stopped collecting CMS and didn't preorder the Beagle version as well cos of the high cost.

>> little plastic man
Thx for visiting my blog. I guess I will continue to support Megahouse. Cheers!

neoconvoy said...

no doubt the figure is nice...i was having a hard time deciding which one to buy when they announced them...in the end, i didnt get any..haha...

but from what i see, if i really want to get one, it should be the megahouse version... :)

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