Saturday, 6 September 2008

Shurato DVD

Front view of DVD boxset

Back view of DVD boxset

Picture of Shurato

Front cover of the soundtrack

Back cover of the soundtrack

Ever watched this anime on TV in Mandarin dubbed many years back when it was shown on Channel 8 during late night, I practicality stayed up or would set alarm to make sure that wake up to watch on weekdays. Sadly, I overslept once and missed the last episode. It was something regrettable till I finally found the all region DVD boxset on former Singapore Yahoo! Auction. As for the soundtrack, I got it from a Japan Ebay seller.

"Tenkû Senki Shurato," or "Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato," is a story based on Hindu and Buddhist mythology. "Shurato" is a spiritual tail of good against evil. It's a wonderful story about friendship, camaraderie and betrayal.

Gearing up armour...

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