Sunday, 14 September 2008

Leon's Wedding

Leon & Gilian

On the way to fetch the bride

Wedding bells were ringing yesterday @ the buddy's place. It's leon's big day and I'm honored to be one of his brothers. I must admit that it was a long and tiring day, beginning from fetching the bride till the dinner banquet.

Fetching the bride wasn't a piece a cake, we had to go through obstacles like climbing the stair with bride groom on our back, lion dancing, waxing our legs, clipping our ears and even cross dressing. Well! What are brothers for...

I had a short nap before rushing to the banquet venue to assist Leon in whatever assistance I could render, right from sitting arrangement, opening poppers during march-in to taking of table photographs.

There were a lot of joys and laughter and I glad to have such a good buddy like Leon. I wish him happy marriage and have his collection of prince & princess soon.

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